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Re-Engaging Your Funnel to Wake Up Sleepy Leads

Claire McMillan

Enterprise Customer Success Manager

Wake up sleepy leads and re-engage your funnel with AI
Wake up sleepy leads and re-engage your funnel with AI
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Published 04/06/23
4 minutes read

You’ve worked hard and invested to generate your pool of leads, each of which are at different points in their buying journeys. Maximizing your outreach with a full lifecycle strategy is key to increasing your velocity to close for these valuable leads.

We’ve put together a few best practices to deploy for strategies that yield results with your Revenue Digital Assistant™ (RDA), starting with the adoption of your RDA persona itself.

Best Practice #1: Maximize Your RDA’s Team Impact Internally and Externally

Your AI-powered Revenue Digital Assistant is here to provide your team with the fuel that’s needed to drive outcomes. We recommend considering your RDA as an extension of your team. Getting your team on board and familiarizing them with the assistant can have a significant impact on your results externally.

Helpful things to keep in mind:

  1. Get Your Messaging Right
    Be sure that your team is educated on how to speak about your RDA both internally amongst your team and externally when customers or prospects ask questions.
     Consider internal awards like “Team member of the month” or other communications plays that raise awareness of your RDA and its impact. A Major League Baseball team named their RDA “Rookie of the Year” in 2022 after her record-breaking year for ticket sales!
  2. Personify Your RDA
    Make selections that align with your brand to increase trust and help reinforce the idea that your leads are speaking to a humanized assistant. However, make sure you stay transparent with your customers—the RDA is a working member of your team, but avoid creating social media profiles or other external moves that may feel misleading or run into policy issues.

Having difficulty integrating your Revenue Digital Assistant into your Sales team’s culture? We have a few ideas to get things on track:

  • Try introducing your Sales team to our Sales-specific training
    • Help them understand the “why” behind adopting an AI-powered assistant
  • Introduce the RDA as their personal assistant!
    • This is a method a customer of ours uses. They say their Sales team loves to say, “My assistant Ashley will be following up!”
  • Include an introduction during onboarding
    • Do an internal RDA campaign where your RDA introduces themself, their purpose, etc.
  • Get your Sales team involved in creating your assistant’s persona

Best Practice #2: Re-Engage Your Leads to Ensure No Leads are Left Behind

Don’t let your leads age. Use what you know about your leads’ interests to construct a meaningful and helpful dialogue to warm the leads back up.

Consider using our Re-engage Marketing conversation and build a touchpoint journey to understand your current processes and touchpoints on your leads throughout their experience with your brand. This will help you understand when you’re communicating with leads, via which channels/platforms and how many times.

Do you see too much overlap? Too big of gaps?

Promptly touching them after key activities or criteria are met, nurturing when not ready and re-engaging after appropriate time or new events allows for a coordinated journey with AI at the helm.

Use Conversica to re-engage dormant leads

Here are a few more things to keep in mind:

  • Identify an unconsidered need in your messaging.
    If you’re reactivating your leads, it’s safe to say what they have seen hasn’t worked. When creating your conversation, think about introducing something new that your leads will say yes to that maybe they haven’t considered before.
  • The majority of closed leads are due to “no decision made.”
    Re-engage your leads with solution-based messaging that’s targeted to who they are and where they are in their journey. Consider ‘Drive Action’ workflows for certain lead segments to autonomously provide a new asset, resource or case study they’ll identify with, then schedule a meeting when the lead confirms their interest. This nurtures the lead WITHIN a two-way, engaged dialog rather than a one-way marketing blast.

Re-engage leads that have gone dark with Conversica

Best Practice #3: Create Urgency & Increase Performance with Segmentation

To increase performance and create urgency, here are some tips:

  • Establish logic to automatically trigger a message to your leads who are currently in the buying process.
  • Set up automation to add leads to a campaign based on their lead activity and behavior and follow up promptly.
  • Automatically follow up with and check in on your leads that are in the buying process.
    • Ensure your sales reps know the RDA is working on their behalf to ensure leads do not go dark.
  • Bring your leads over the line from making “no decision” to a closed-won sale.

In conclusion, re-engaging your funnel is crucial to closing more deals and maximizing your ROI. By adopting these best practices and leveraging the power of Conversica, you can increase your velocity to close and ensure no lead is left behind.

Have you mapped out your touchpoints for the full lead journey to optimize your outreach? Align your platforms and tools to drive better outcomes together!

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