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What’s in a Name? How to Name Your Revenue Digital Assistant™


Naming your Revenue Digital Assistant is a big responsibility.
Naming your Revenue Digital Assistant is a big responsibility.
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Published 03/01/23
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One of the biggest value points of Conversica’s Conversational AI platform is our Powerfully Human®️ exchanges—the conversations feel like talking to a real human, which builds trust and brand loyalty.

But while our industry-leading Generative AI technology handles the messages themselves, some aspects of your RDA’s performance are in your hands, and your assistant’s name is one of them.

We gathered best practices for naming your digital assistant by reviewing the top- and bottom-performing names based on performance data from real conversations. This is what we found.

Top Tips Based on Our Analysis

Overall, we have a few key recommendations for naming your RDA.

  • Unique names and gender-neutral names perform much better than simple and more common names. Some examples include Lori Wolfe, Riley King, Paula Settle, Tracey Jennings, and Sam Anderson.
    • However, names that sound fake do not perform as well.
    • Picking the name for your RDA varies based on the RDA’s specialty, industry, and audience of leads being messaged.
  • Long assistant names or multiple first names have been shown to have less engagement and hot leads. Keep the full name under 20 characters if possible.
  • Use the first name to portray the assistant’s personality and the last name to represent the region.

How the Most Commonly-Used Names Perform

We assessed the performance of the most commonly used first and last names among each RDA over the past year.

While these names are used often enough to have a decent amount of data behind them, obviously each assistant performs differently. Think of these as benchmarks to get you started—the name you ultimately pick should be based on a number of factors like region, culture, etc.

Most Common First Names

Most Common Last Names

Ultimately, the name that will perform best for your business will depend on your unique situation. Aim for a name that sounds natural and fits your region and industry. And if you can find a way to sneak in a little inside joke to make your team smile, all the better.

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