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Swipe Right on Sales: Navigating the Dating App of Lead Generation

Darren Boynton

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Lead gen is like dating: it's all about finding the right match.
Lead gen is like dating: it's all about finding the right match.
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Published 07/13/23
3 minutes read

In a world where love has turned binary, filtering through 0s and 1s in search of that elusive perfect “one,” it’s about time we started treating lead qualification like modern dating. Yeah, you heard that right. If we can survive Tinder, OKCupid and Hinge, qualifying leads should be a walk in the park.

Imagine your pre-lockdown self, showered, groomed, and wearing something other than sweatpants, trying to catch someone’s eye at a carefully picked locale. Sub in “branding” for “grooming,” and “target audience” for locale, and you’ve got the sales version of the Dating Game. Turn on your charm (or Sales pitch), and voilà, you’ve transformed a room of cold prospects into hot leads.

And just like dating isn’t about bagging as many phone numbers as your contact list can handle, Sales isn’t about who has the longest lead list. It’s about getting the right leads. You know those social events your friends dragged you to, claiming they know someone who was “perfect” for you? That’s what a high-quality lead source is like. You might get fewer options, but the quality is top-notch. And just like dating, it needs patience, persistence, and a bit of social savvy. Just be sure you know your ICP before you leave the house.

More Leads, More Problems

Every Salesperson knows that lead gen can feel like an endless series of first dates: the same chit-chat, the agonizing wait for a follow-up, and the nagging feeling of déjà vu. Unlike finding “The One,” Salespeople search for “The Ones.” As many “The Ones” as they can find.

But reality? Well, it’s more like being stuck on a terrible first date that seems to go on forever. Sales teams are swamped with a deluge of leads of all kinds. It’s like staring at an inbox overflowing with unread messages, not knowing which one might be from ‘the one.’

When it turns into a numbers game, things start going downhill. It’s like sifting through a mountain of “hey” messages on a dating app — it’s exhausting, underwhelming and honestly, who’s got the time? Conversion rates start flirting with the floor, the Sales cycle feels stuck in a time warp, hot leads get ghosted and when the month ends, no one’s celebrating. There’s not even an opportunity to make a snap judgment based on a closely cropped, over-filtered selfie taken four years ago at a now-defunct Rain Forest Cafe. 

So, where’s the Bumble for lead generation?

Enter the world of AI-driven Revenue Digital Assistants™ (RDAs). Picture an expert AI dating concierge who weeds through your dating app, only matching you with the best options. This is not to be confused with traditional dating “experts” equipped with their own database of carefully curated horrifying options potential matches.

Like a fleet of elite dating experts, RDAs engage in meaningful conversations, ask the right questions, and understand leads’ needs and interests. More importantly, Conversica Revenue Digital Assistants understand what makes a lead right for you. Revenue Digital Assistants are also highly persistent and do far more than sending 48 “How’s it going?” texts when leads go MIA.

RDAs bring front-line Sales teams eligible leads who fit the right profile and are serious about making a purchasing decision (even if, unfortunately, that purchase doesn’t end up being you). Think of an RDA as your dedicated dating expert who does all the vetting for you, leaving you with only the enjoyable part of the process — exploring what you and your prospect might do together in the future. 

Conversica RDAs give you back the time you need to focus on building pipeline rather than wasting hundreds of hours doom scrolling through time wasters and those who have no clue what they are looking for.

Five Ways Revenue Digital Assistants Are More Effective Than Professional Dating Experts

  1. Revenue Digital Assistants work 24/7/365.
  2. Revenue Digital Assistants don’t start conversations with, “Let’s see if we can find that special someone for you today.”
  3. Your boss asking about “hot leads” isn’t weird.
  4. Your RDA won’t ask you, “What’s wrong with Jeff? He seems nice.”
  5. Revenue Digital Assistants don’t gesture to faded Polaroids on their “Love Match Wall of Fame.”
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