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The #1 Transactional Ticket Sales Play: Drive Action Standalone Conversations

Derik Hettinger

Customer Success Manager

Transactional sales for sports tickets with AI
Transactional sales for sports tickets with AI
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Published 10/09/23
4 minutes read

In the fast-paced world of Sports, effectively converting ticket sales without requiring mandatory calls or meetings is a valuable asset to any Sales staff. With the adoption of advanced AI-powered technologies, teams across industries are finding innovative ways to generate revenue while also streamlining their Sales processes for maximum efficiency.

As a Customer Success Manager focused on serving the sports industry, I help teams better leverage Conversica to sell more tickets and better serve fans. Today, I want to delve into the best practices of Drive Action Standalone conversations to explore how this functionality can enable you to achieve transactional success with a special focus on selling lower-tier ticket packages and filling inventory through single-game ticket purchases.

Drive Action Standalone: Redefining Transactional Sales

Transactional sales involve rapid, low-touch interactions that close deals swiftly and efficiently. Drive Action Standalone conversations are a game-changer in this regard, enabling teams to engage leads, drive conversions and secure sales at mass scale without extensive human intervention from a Sales rep.

This methodology is particularly effective when the Sales process can be streamlined, like selling lower-tier ticket packages that don’t warrant a true discovery meeting in order to close the deal. Typically, a Flex/Mini Plan or single-game ticket sells itself because it’s a minimal investment with a low barrier to entry.

🎯 The Drive Action Standalone Difference

Drive Action Standalone conversations harness a hands-off logic that achieves conversions from leads that might not fit the traditional high-priority segment. The key distinction with this strategy that differs from traditional Learning More messaging (phone call/appointment-setting) is that the rep isn’t required to connect with the interested prospect themselves, but rather lets the Revenue Digital Assistant™ transition a hot lead through the Sales funnel by directing them to an external purchase page.

This approach is especially useful for reaching out to segments with lower levels of engagement or a limited budget for tickets in which automated interactions have shown to be successful in producing conversions.

Furthermore, the strategy is conducive to selling ticket packages like Flex or Mini Plans, which often require less in-depth discovery and scoping meetings. By reducing the Sales rep’s involvement in the initial stages, valuable time and resources are conserved, allowing the team to focus efforts on higher-touch interactions when they are most needed, such as a full-season ticket membership.

Leveraging Drive Action Standalone for Ticket Sales

Let’s take a closer look at how Drive Action Standalone conversations can be effectively utilized by Sports teams to sell lower-tier ticket packages, including single-game tickets where inventory exists.

💬 Engaging Initial Outreach

When you add leads to Conversica, the “Engage: Are You Interested?” Exchange is initiated and acts as a starting point for your potential customers to elicit their interest through dynamic, AI-powered emails that build upon themselves in a cumulative fashion. The key here is to capture the lead’s interest without overwhelming them with information and let the AI craft the most resonant message that reflects your variables as constants.

🙋‍♂️ Customized Messaging for Positive Responders

Interested leads who respond positively will pivot the conversation to a more tailored approach that places them on the pathway to review and purchase tickets through a masked hyperlink. The “Send Link Information” Exchange includes information on single-game tickets and promotional offers, aligning with your desired product pitch and Sales goals. Drive Action Standalone messaging sets itself apart by facilitating an environment in which the lead can explore ticket options and purchase at their own pace.

Additionally, if the lead indicates they would like to speak with someone and/or have additional questions, the assigned Sales rep will be looped into the discussion and alerted so they may take over the situation. Rest assured that the AI will adaptively determine if leads need assistance with the link and adherent context, comprising the “Send Link Information” Exchange, cannot resolve.

  • Single-Game Tickets: Presenting the lead with the option to purchase single-game tickets is a seamless process. The automated conversation guides them through the available choices, making it easy for them to finalize their selections. All that’s needed is a link that clicks through to the purchase page. If you have open inventory in less popular parts of the venue—for example, the upper deck/bowl with suboptimal sightlines and perks—you can use this functionality to stack conversions quickly. Individually, these types of sales are insignificant, but when compiled at scale—and rendered with little to no human intervention—they can deliver tangential revenue to primary offerings like Season Ticket Plans.
  • Promotional Offers Using Special Codes: Promotional offers can be presented using special codes, incentivizing the purchase decision by making the lead feel important and providing a discount. Lean into your RDA’s affiliation as AI by using its name as the code itself! You’ll want to have your analytics/eCommerce team support this logic.
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