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Demand Generation: How Self-Care Improves Demand Gen Efforts


Deliver higher quality leads to Sales
Deliver higher quality leads to Sales
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Building Pipeline
Published 07/27/19
2 minutes read

Do you ever feel like you’re working hard but still down about your job? Do you get stressed out about lead generation and the hand-off of leads between Marketing and Sales? If this sounds like you, you’ll want to check out our webinar: A Marketer’s Guide to #SelfCare

Here at Conversica, we believe the key to getting off of the Demand Gen roller coaster starts with self-care and using an AI Assistant. These assistants help you ensure that every lead is managed well and that more MQLs are passed off to Sales.

Removing the Stress From Demand Generation
In this self-care webinar, Brian Anderson from the Demand Gen Report, Jill Marguette from Trifacta, and Gloria Ochman from our team at Conversica come together to teach you how to achieve Demand Gen zen. Here’s a look at some of what you’ll discover in this webinar:

Scoring Leads vs. Engaging Leads
Demand Gen Marketers are great at – you guessed it – generating leads. However, because they are generating such a high quantity of leads, they’re now tasked with figuring out which leads need more engagement. That’s where lead scoring comes into play. But it isn’t an exact science.

Lead scoring estimates the likelihood that any given lead is a good match for your products or services. Yet it is still just a guess whether the lead is a good fit and ready to buy. As a result, the Sales team has to sort through tons of leads and they only end up qualifying a small percentage of them.

Optimizing Pipeline Management
With so many leads to manage and confusion around what to do with them, many companies end up dealing with their pipeline poorly. They often aren’t following up with leads quickly enough or making enough touches.

This lack of pipeline management means that a lot of leads fall through the cracks. Ultimately, that’s what keeps Marketing professionals up at night. How can they bridge the gap? How can they ensure that follow-ups are happening for the leads they provide?

The Solution: AI Assistants
AI Assistants can take the pressure off Marketers by engaging and following up with leads (thus increasing Demand Gen Zen). A Conversica AI Assistant follows up with leads and gets meetings scheduled so that your team can focus on what they’re good at and passionate about. Letting Marketers do what they do best, and letting your AI Assistant handle the rest, is the key to having less stress at work.

Once you start using an AI Assistant, implementing this tool to reduce the number of mundane tasks you do is just the beginning. AI Assistants can help you unlock the full potential of your team and bridge the gap between Marketing and Sales.

Want to dig a little deeper into how self-care plays a role in your success as a Demand Gen Marketer? Click here to check out our A Marketer’s Guide to #SelfCare webinar.

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