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Why Conversica is the Choice for Responsible Enterprise Brands

Jim Kaskade


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Published 08/31/23
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Organizations across the board are adopting generative AI for engagement with customers and prospects. Our recent survey of business leaders found 53% of companies using AI plan to use the technology for external engagement this year. But not all applications are the same.

Today’s businesses need a digital assistant trained on their unique information, who can represent the brand better than anyone and can hold valuable and productive conversations that are Powerfully Human®️, when and where your prospects want.

Want to hire the best digital employees, who know your business and brand better than any human employee?

Conversica is the only solution to strike a balance between the desire to have Generative AI-powered dynamic conversations to deliver against modern expectations and the business’s need to protect its data and brand. 

Conversica has over a decade of experience and expertise in delivering enterprise-class Conversational AI solutions leveraging NLU, NLG and Generative AI technologies that are safe. Revenue Digital Assistants are trained on your brand, follow your business processes and drive your desired business outcome, trusted to position your business accurately and take the best action to progress a prospect toward the desired goal, every time.

Powerfully Human Conversations Anytime, Anywhere

You must deliver a dynamic experience at every point in the customer’s journey. Organizations looking to ChatGPT or other Generative AI  solutions for chat alone will fail to meet the growing expectations of their users. Engaging a prospect at the time, via the right channel, and in the language the customer chooses, builds rapport and differentiates a brand. If you want a generic, publicly biased, English-centric, chat-only experience, then your expectations are lower than your end customers. 

Conversica is the only Conversational AI vendor using Generative AI and GPT technology to have authentic, brand-specific two-way conversations with prospects and customers across any channel and at any point in their lifecycle. Conversica’s proprietary models capture the context and share learnings from each conversation to anticipate what a prospect wants or needs and proactively reach out to deliver that experience. Capture immediate interest via a dynamic AI-powered chat and keep that conversation going offline via email or SMS. Deliver a high-touch personalized experience that builds strong relationships and stands out from the competition.

Experts Trained on Your Business

When training a new team member, you provide company-specific materials to bring them up to speed and build the foundation of knowledge to engage with prospects and existing customers. Would you ever ask a new hire to search the internet to learn about your company? Then why would you allow a digital assistant to use a broad data set full of inaccuracies and biases as the foundation of communications with your prospects and customers?  The answer is you wouldn’t.  

Your Conversica Revenue Digital Assistant is your resident brainiac with a photographic memory and an insatiable desire to stay current. But a digital assistant is only as accurate as the data it consumes. That’s why Conversica RDAs learn your business. 

We leverage your brand assets to automatically train client-specific Large Language Models to reflect your tone and deliver accurate responses to just about any questions about your business. This brand-specific knowledge is optionally complemented with a carefully curated general data set to provide dynamic, Powerfully Human conversations. Don’t trust a digital assistant trained on a general data set to deliver the responses you want for your business.

AI Models Tailored to Various Use Cases and Business Outcomes

The principle of “one size does not fit all” holds especially true when choosing AI models to interact with prospects and customers. In this regard, Conversica offers a diversified AI platform providing varying levels of customization to cater to specific business needs.

Three key use cases for AI models emerge:

  1. For particular topics, especially within heavily regulated industries, a precise, unambiguous response is necessary. Here, AI models are selected for their ability to deliver verbatim or curated responses to certain questions with a client’s domain-specific information.
  2. Certain exchanges aim for a distinct outcome, where the AI is expected to interpret the intent, sift through customer data, and dynamically generate the optimal response guiding the end-user. Even in instances where a client’s data doesn’t hold the answer, AI can autonomously research and create a relevant response that ultimately achieves the desired outcome.
  3. The need for AI to facilitate small talk that addresses non-business-related questions to help build enduring relationships and provide a superior experience. These conversational exchanges may not be directly tied to business affairs, but significantly contribute to personal connections. Therefore, Conversica employs a range of AI models and data science technologies, each chosen to trigger the most fitting response for the situation at hand.

Built-In Guardrails to Maximize Value and Limit Risk

For Generative AI to work, it must synthesize a large volume of data and generate a relevant and timely response. In this process, the digital assistant determines if the data is “true” and “right” while programmed to avoid bias or hallucinations, which is at the core of the concerns with Generative AI. Organizations like Conversica are minimizing these risks by curating data sets that are accurate, unbiased and designed to prevent hallucinations and toxic content.    

At Conversica, we balance multiple language models focused on specific Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success use cases with governance and controls built in to avoid fake news and dangerous topics. By narrowing the playing field, we can generate highly accurate and relevant responses 98% of the time—without allowing the conversation to slide off the rails.  In the other 2% of responses, the answer will still be brand-safe—where the source comes from our client’s approved data corpus, or ultimately a human. Either way, your brand is protected.

Count on a Proven Leader in Conversational AI

Generative AI models and applications are growing quickly, but they require a heavy lift for Enterprises to use off-the-shelf technologies.

This is where Conversica comes in.

With over a decade of experience in NLP technologies, we have a proven track record of building and curating Large Language Models that are trusted to deliver accurate and compelling conversational engagement for revenue teams.

Conversica is the only solution to use both NLU & NLG to hold human-like, dynamic and meaningful conversations in email and SMS and was the first to leverage GPT to deliver a dynamic chat experience, starting in 2020. We have a robust portfolio of over 1000 use cases purpose-built to engage with customers at every point in their revenue journey.

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