Conversation Editor

Easily Customize Conversica AI Assistant Conversations

Conversation Editor lets you personalize Conversica’s AI-powered conversations to meet the unique needs of your business.

Conversation Editor

Easily Customize Conversica AI Assistant Conversations

Conversation Editor lets you personalize Conversica’s AI-powered conversations to meet the unique needs of your business.

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Conversation Editor Is Built for Business Users Just Like You

The Conversation Editor is specifically designed to give you more control over the Conversica conversational AI platform and the conversations it powers.

Each of our AI Assistants comes with hundreds of prebuilt conversations which are already trained on millions of interactions and ready to go.

However, for those interactions that would benefit from specific language unique to your business, using the Conversation Editor, you can now add specific variables related to your products or the context of the outreach.

For example, you can modify conversations with added details, such as an attended event, to enhance the conversations between the AI Assistant and your customers.

Conversation Editor Is Visually Powerful and Intuitive

Conversations are represented as a series of exchanges, or building blocks, which act as entry points to customer variable editing and help focus the business user on conversation flow, key settings, and possible actions.

Conversation Editor presents the flow of every conversation as graphical workflow and allows the business user to configure settings at each step of the flow in an intuitive and easy-to-follow visual interface.

Each conversation comes with standard settings which business users can adjust to meet their unique needs.

Get Started Today

We offer many different talented and trained AI Assistants to met your specific needs.  Conversation Editor is provided with every Conversica AI Assistant* and is part of the overall solution.

AI Assistant

Engage 100% of your leads and find the hand raisers


Customer Success
AI Assistant

Deliver a personalized touch to your customers at scale


AI Assistant

Engage all prospective students and find the truly interested


Sales AI Assistant

Engage all leads and drive more showroom traffic


Service AI Assistant

Maximize service opportunities throughout the ownership lifecycle


* Conversation Editor is tentatively scheduled for availability for the Automotive Sales and Service AI Assistants later in 2019.

Easy to Use

Built with the business user in mind. Although not needed, you can customize each conversation.

Easy to Learn

The Conversation Editor’s visual design is intuitive and doesn’t overwhelm users.

Rapid Time to Value

Each AI Assistant comes with prebuilt and pretrained conversations.

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