– At the SaaStr Annual Escape Velocity conference in San Francisco today, Conversica is demonstrating the power of sales conversion management powered by artificial intelligence. Startup founders and sales and marketing executives attending the conference will experience firsthand the benefits of Conversica’s cloud-based sales conversion management solution integrated with Salesforce. The solution uses AI technology to identify the best leads and acts as a virtual assistant for growing sales teams, allowing them to focus on the leads most likely to convert into opportunities.

“SaaStr is all about helping high-growth companies get to $100M in annual recurring revenue (ARR), and Conversica’s AI platform is perfectly positioned to help them grow faster. We power intelligent, natural language email conversations that automatically deliver the best leads to a growing sales team,” said Mark A. Bradley, Conversica’s chief executive officer. “Conversica works seamlessly with Salesforce, thus minimizing overhead, administration and configuration – while turbo-charging sales for rapid growth.”

Conversica will offer live demonstrations and special sign-up incentives for SaaStr Escape Velocity attendees.

Artificial intelligence for sales on the Salesforce for Startups blog

Just prior to today’s event, the Salesforce for Startups blog featured a post from Eric Bohren, Conversica’s VP of Business Development, in which he laid out the case for the next wave in sales automation: Artificial Intelligence for sales lead management. While AI is not new, the emergence of advanced machine learning and data science applied to customer interaction will usher in the next wave of innovation in the CRM space.

“We’re in an AI spring,” said Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff in the February 2015 issue of Fortune magazine. “I think for every company, the revolution in data science will fundamentally change how we run our business because we’re going to have computers aiding us in how we’re interacting with our customers.”

In the blog, which is available online, Conversica offers five best practices for significantly boosting the conversion rate of leads into sales opportunities. (Hint: Automation is key, and AI is even better.)

Conversica is the only automated software solution that can contact, engage, nurture, qualify and follow-up with sales leads without the need for human interaction. An AI pioneer in sales conversion management, Conversica has engaged more than 75 million personalized email conversations using artificial intelligence. A personalized virtual sales assistant nurtures leads from interest to sales opportunity via natural, two-way email exchanges, and when a lead is ready to purchase, Conversica alerts the sales representative.