Conversica, the only provider of artificial intelligence-based lead engagement software for sales and marketing, announced today its platinum sponsorship of the 2016 Sales 2.0 Conference, being held July 18-19 at the Hotel Nikko in San Francisco. On Monday afternoon, Sell and Succeed founder Ben Chaib will be speaking about his success using Conversica’s automated sales assistant at the Los Angeles Film School and will be sharing how artificial intelligence helps salespeople dramatically boost their performance.

“Conversica is on the cutting edge of AI in sales with their virtual assistant that works quickly and easily to engage and qualify leads, just like a human salesperson. It is the quality of conversation with every lead that offers salespeople more time to focus on what they do best…selling.” says Gerhard Gschwandtner, conference chairman and CEO of Selling Power.

On Monday afternoon, Chaib and Conversica’s Gary Gerber, head of product marketing, will present a startling insight into the minds of successful sales organizations in their session entitled “Zombies May Destroy the World, but Artificial Intelligence Will Crush Your Quota.” Their presentation will demonstrate the effectiveness of using artificial intelligence – no longer the realm of science fiction – to help salespeople dramatically boost their chances of success.

“Sales 2.0 attendees should definitely come to my session to learn how I became a selling monster by working smart and deploying an AI-based sales assistant,” said Chaib. “Our assistant Stephanie made sure the sales team spent their time talking only to people interested in buying from them. It was a no-brainer!”

“We are especially excited to be sponsoring this year’s Sales 2.0 Conference in San Francisco and sharing the stage with Ben Chaib, one of our hundreds of customers who have boosted their revenue by incorporating an automated assistant in their sales process.” says Alex Terry, Conversica’s CEO.

Conversica will be showing the assistant automatically engaging sales leads in real time at the company’s booth. Conference attendees who book a demo in advance at will be rewarded with a free Samsung tablet. Those not attending can request a live demo at