Conversica, the leading provider of sales conversion management software for marketing, inside sales and sales, announced today that their AI (artificial intelligence) persona will be making a “personal appearance” at the Salesforce World Tour in New York City on June 18th. Conversica, a Salesforce AppExchange partner, is a sponsor of this year’s World Tour. The company’s lead engagement software has been tightly integrated into Salesforce and the company’s Salesforce1 mobile platform, for over a year.

“Marc Benioff stated that we are in an AI ‘Spring’ and would see more artificial intelligence applied to sales and marketing,” emphasizes Mark Bradley, CEO of Conversica. “We have been leading this movement for several years, and witnessing a remarkable effect when our intelligent software works side by side with Salesforce.”

“Because our AI-driven virtual sales assistant is able to conduct natural two-way email conversations with leads, we see an engagement rate nearing 50%,” he points out. “Each customer selects their own persona and our product brings it to life by asking questions that mirror human response and emotion so closely that many leads assume the persona is, in fact, real. That interaction automates the lead engagement and qualification process, resulting in hot lead alerts sent to sales, so it’s natural that our solution is integrated with the leading CRM solution, Salesforce.”

Bradley adds that Salesforce customers are applying the artificial intelligence to follow up on new inbound leads and re-engage with those that weren’t previously ready to buy. “Offloading the hard work of following up on leads to Conversica frees up sales reps to spend more time on quality conversations and outbound prospecting,” he stresses. “Our virtual sales assistant is incredibly persistent without offending. That’s really hard for any real person to consistently accomplish.”

Conversica is being used in a wide variety of vertical markets including technology, automotive, education and financial services firms like insurance, mortgage, banking and wealth management. “That makes an event like this in New York a unique opportunity to showcase what we can do in financial services,” he added.

Attendees of the Salesforce World Tour in New York City can see live demonstrations of Conversica’s solutions at the company’s booth in the Cloud Expo at Javits Center.