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Your automated sales assistant reaches out to all your Internet leads, determines which ones are ready to buy, and alerts a sales rep – sharing what it has learned from the lead, such as the best number use, best time to call, and purchase requirements. The two-way conversations are automated and much more personalized than autoresponders.

Find the hottest leads

Discover your most qualified sales opportunities from thousands of Internet leads

Less prospecting

Sales reps can focus on selling vehicles, not trying to make first contact with incoming leads

Engage every lead

Your automated sales assistant reaches out to every lead 24x7x365 and never calls in sick

Nurture leads

Automation with a human touch helps you to deepen the connection with potential buyers and refresh stale leads

Improve lead ROI

Find out which lead sources produce the best results

Sales insights

Gain unique insights into the performance of your sales team

What makes Conversica great is the quality of the responses. It is very persistent. I would recommend Conversica in a heartbeat! Matt Lowrey, IT Manager, Sport Hyundai Dodge

Sell more with Conversica

Convert more Internet leads into buyers

An automated sales assistant goes far beyond traditional autoresponders to create a natural two-way conversation between your auto sales team and leads, allowing you to engage, nurture and qualify leads automatically.
With an average 35 percent email engagement rate, Conversica can significantly increase the number of quality leads assigned to your Internet Business Development team and reduce the time they spend chasing fruitless leads.

Identify missed opportunities to engage

Auto sales research has shown that 48 percent of salespeople never follow up with a lead and 33 percent of leads who have shown interest are not contacted – simply because dealership sales reps are overwhelmed by the volume of incoming leads. After handing off leads to a sales rep, Conversica identifies leads-at-risk. These are hot leads who say they have not yet been contacted by a sales rep, so you can see at a glance what needs to be done.
By automating the early stages of lead follow-up with an automated sales assistant, you ensure that no lead is ever dropped – no matter how long it takes – days, weeks or months.

Get the most ROI from your leads

You’ll get answers to your questions about lead quality and which sources deliver the best leads, and help you get credit for unusable leads. The dashboard will show you the number of appointments set, closing rate, sales revenue and number of vehicles sold for each lead source. We’ll also show you duplicate leads, undeliverable leads, and the responses from leads who did not intend to purchase.
In addition to lead qualification, you can use Conversica to get more value from your leads, including refreshing stale leads, selling add-on services, and getting customer feedback on service and sales.

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