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Conversica’s automated sales assistant with artificial intelligence works leads 24/7, so business-to-business (B2B) sales reps can focus on the leads that have the budget, authority, needs and timeline (BANT). Two-way conversations nurture and qualify leads automatically – and with a human touch. AI technology can also refresh stale leads to find sales opportunities.

Qualify inbound leads

Discover your most qualified sales opportunities: the leads with budget, authority, need and timeline

Ready to buy!

Our automated sales assistant reaches out and nurtures every lead for as long as it takes – and then alerts you when a lead is ready to buy

Avoid unproductive leads

Our AI technology qualifies every inbound marketing lead for you, so your team spends less time prospecting

Create more opportunities

You’ll gain more customers through better lead nurturing, lead tracking and lead conversion

Shorten the sales cycle

Lead engagement software can shorten a lengthy technology sales cycle by finding ready buyers

Sales insights

Gain unique insights into the performance of your sales team, including feedback on service and sales follow-through

Boost sales productivity and performance

Who’s got BANT?

Conversica’s AI technology for B2B sales reps works 24/7 to automatically connect with, engage, nurture and follow up with leads, so sales teams in the business-to-business (B2B) technology vertical can efficiently identify which leads have the budget, authority, needs and timeline (BANT) – and which leads don’t.

Real conversations

Our automated sales assistant can collect information from a lead before a salesperson spends any time on it – the lead’s cell phone number, email address or other information. The software will pre-qualify the lead, determine intent to buy, and collect information before your sales rep picks up the phone for the first time. It’s not drip email – it’s much more because the conversation flows both ways.

Find new gems in old leads

Renew inactive leads with lead nurturing with a human touch. Our automated sales assistant keeps your firm in front of B2B buyers who may not ready to buy now, but could be in the future.

Stay in touch after the sale

Get feedback on service and sales follow-through to improve your sales operation.

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