Set More Appointments With AI for Automotive Sales

Your customers want personalized attention and your Automotive Sales team wants to close more deals. Give yourself an advantage. Ensure personalized engagement for 100% of your leads at scale with Conversica AI Assistants. Our Conversational AI offers scalable, connected experiences that improve engagement rates, strengthens customer relationships, and drive more opportunities.


Supercharge Your Automotive Sales

Too many leads and not enough resources to work them fully? Poor lead coverage results in low engagement, poor customer experiences, and limited sales opportunities. Supercharge your Automotive Sales team with Conversational AI to attract, acquire and grow your customer base.


“She doesn’t sell them. She helps them. Customers love her. So while she isn’t selling them a car, the result is that she’s selling them on us. We’re building a relationship with that person through Eva.”

 - Greg Jones, General Manager at Stivers Ford Mercury

Turn More Internet Traffic into Showroom Traffic

Minutes matter. An astounding 78% of customers buy from the first responder—meaning speedy replies offer a competitive edge. Promptly touch internet leads with personalized messages from your AI Assistant that motivate appointments, showroom visits, and test drives.


Nurture Leads Until They Are Ready to Purchase

Persistence pays off. Offload the repetitive task of crafting personalized emails to leads and prospects. AI Assistants automate lead outreach and continue the conversation until the contact is ready to buy. The right information is collected by the AI and provided to the Sales Rep. Conversational AI meets customers on their time, helping to motivate sales without occupying your staff.

Set More Appointments and Increase Sales Opportunities

Make the most out of every opportunity. AI Assistants engage new leads, cultivate early interest, and pursue cold leads—resulting in more appointments with more hot leads. Reap greater revenue opportunities without increasing workloads.


The Fastest Easiest Way to Convert Internet Leads into Sales

Contacting and engaging leads takes time, effort, and close monitoring. But that’s just not possible for the typical auto sales team with thousands of leads to work each month. See how the Conversica AI Assistants help scale your Automotive Sales team’s prospecting power, freeing them up to do what they do best—close deals.

Help Your Automotive Sales Team Accomplish Their Goals

Expand Team Capacity


Don’t let lead volume outpace your Sales team. Keep up with demand and augment your team with Conversational AI for Automotive Sales.

Improve Visibility, Accountability, and

Pipeline Quality

Make sure no lead is left behind. AI Assistants collect important information, accelerate hot leads, and autonomously follow up with leads after each meeting so opportunities aren’t lost.

Ready to Find More Opportunities and Close More Deals?

Schedule a demo to learn how adding a Conversica AI Assistant to your Automotive Sales team increases capacity, drives higher engagement rates, and ultimately generates more revenue for your business.