Redefine the Customer Experience With Conversational AI for Insurance

Insurance is a very personal purchase and people want to know that they are getting the best solution for them. But with a dizzying number of choices and constant lifestyle changes, it’s hard for customers to navigate purchases themselves. Conversational AI for insurance empowers your business to proactively engage customers, in real-time or on the customer’s time-without burdening your Agents. Prioritize customer experiences to enjoy more brand loyalty with Conversica.


Make Customers Feel Special While Empowering Your Agents


Stay competitive in the insurance industry with proactive attention to customer needs.


Alleviate capacity issues for Agents while delivering stellar experiences.

Deliver iconic customer experiences that drive, retain, and grow revenue.

Capture and Qualify Inbound Requests at Scale

Conversica AI Assistants serve as a powerful tool for lead generation. Engage prospective customers in human-like, two-way conversations at scale. Offer personalized policy recommendations based on their profile and requirements. And accelerate meeting-ready customers instantly with Conversational AI.

Offer Every Customer a White-Glove Experience

Kick off the renewal process with a bang. Identify any lifestyle changes that Agents need to know about before issuing renewals or setting up meetings to discuss. Conversica also helps facilitate product expansion and upsell or cross-sell solutions.


Provide Autonomous Assistance

Conversational AI from Conversica autonomously helps customers through the selection process by offering detailed, tailored product recommendations or guided buying solutions. When the prospect raises their hand to talk to a Salesperson or Advisor, the AI Assistant promptly passes them along.


“Being able to email a prospect or a client for a very specific area up to 7 times increases responses exponentially.

A sales person or a customer rep would only follow up 2 or 3 times but we see people responding after the 4th, 5th or 6th touchpoint.”

– Noe Marti, Sr Director of Marketing, SMG Health at Internet Brands

Cut the Clutter, Expand Capacity

Stop chasing cold leads. Let an AI Assistant facilitate inbound requests, confirming interest, collecting key information, and routing leads based on the customer’s needs. It’s more than just efficiency. It’s an intelligent two-way dialog that accelerates opportunities at scale.


Your Virtual Renewal Assistant

Let your Conversica AI Assistant initiate renewals, asking vital questions to determine if customers require policy changes or want to set up a meeting with your Agents. AI Assistants are incredibly persistent, starting early and continuing to engage the customer until they respond. Additionally, AI Assistants uncover details on why a customer is looking to cancel services, change providers, or downgrade.

Offer Tailored Expansion Opportunities

Conversational AI is so much more than a mass email campaign. Our AI Assistants tailor communications and offer each customer new services and expansion opportunities based on individual insights. AI-driven conversations can highlight the value prop most relevant to the user and engage them in a two-way dialogue to gauge interest before notifying the Agent.


See How Conversica AI Assistants Can Help Make the Most of Every Customer Interaction

Want to identify revenue opportunities faster, accelerate your most engaged customers, and retain/grow your existing clients? Start today by requesting a demo to learn how adding Conversica AI Assistants boosts team capacity, drives higher engagement rates, and ultimately generates more revenue for your insurance business.