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3 Conversation Triggers to Automate Your Lead Delivery

Callie Hart

Technical Account Manager

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Published 02/05/24
4 minutes read

Whether you are leveraging Conversica’s Powerfully Human®️ conversations to follow up with inbound leads, activate unresponsive demand or reengage leads that showed interest but didn’t convert previously, the key to successfully generating consistent engagement and pipeline is through autonomously funneling new leads into your Conversica campaigns in real-time as key events happen.

We’re going to dive into 3 great conversation triggers to automate your lead delivery into Conversica for a seamless and consistent lead journey.

Benefits of Automated Conversation Triggers

  • Alleviate the admin lift of manually segmenting leads and creating one-off campaigns or Contact Lists within your CRM or MAP.
  • Rather than constantly crafting messaging for each new campaign you launch week in and week out, prepare personalized messaging upfront to target your top lead segments and leverage conversation variable pull fields to dynamically populate values from your integrated system (such as the title of a webinar or whitepaper consumed) into the messaging for hyper-personalization on a per-lead basis.
  • Integrate Conversica with your existing Sales follow-up and qualification processes to align with how your Sales representatives work today.

Trigger #1: The completion of an inbound form fill or demo request

Nurture your warm inbound leads who expressed interest by submitting a form on your website to request an on-demand demo or engaged with certain content on your website. The trigger to initiate the flow of new leads into your campaign mapped to a Conversica conversation would be the submission of the form fill (button click, new lead creation, lead status change) dependent upon how these lead actions are recorded or tracked within your CRM or MAP integrated with Conversica.

Bonus Tip: Segment your leads into two different evergreen campaigns based on buying intent or lead score. A lead who has requested an on-demand demo is likely warmer than one who engaged with a product-specific whitepaper. By further segmenting your leads by the action they took or content consumed, you can add the leads who downloaded the on-demand demo to an inbound follow-up conversation that pushes toward a call with a Sales rep, whereas you may want to nurture the leads who downloaded a whitepaper a bit further by gauging their interest in another piece of content prior to asking for a call, using a conversation designed to send a link for additional content as well as pushing toward a call.

Trigger #2: Send leads to Conversica 14-30 days after Sales rep’s last contact

Activate unresponsive leads your Sales team has already attempted to contact through their usual follow-up process, whether it’s by email or phone outreach. There are times when you may want your Sales team to be the first touch for your higher-scored or higher-quality leads.

After about 14–30 days, once your team has exhausted their outreach attempts, they can change the lead status or a custom field to “Assistant Ready,” “Conversica Ready” or “No Longer Working” and trigger outreach based on dual criteria: If the status has changed along with a date constraint to add leads who haven’t been touched in at least X days (depending on your Sales team’s usual follow up cadence).

  • Skill Recommendation: Reactivate Interest, specifically the Engage Unresponsive Contacts conversation

Conversica Revenue Digital Assistants pick up where sales leave off to persistently reach out to leads

Trigger #3: Reengaging Unconverted Leads 60-90 Days after Last Conversica Outreach

Reengage leads who previously expressed interest 60-90 days prior, but haven’t yet converted. Whether you formerly attempted to engage these leads via Conversica or a one-to-many email nurture platform, consider using a date-based trigger such as > 60 days since the last form of outreach was attempted.

  • For leads previously added to Conversica, we send back actionable lead data to your CRM or MAP (for our supported corporate integrations). Two of these fields, Conversica Last Response Date and Conversica First Message Date, can effectively be used to identify leads who received all 7 attempts but didn’t engage and make prime engagement targets (i.e., If First Message Date > 60 days AND Conversica Last Response is null).
  • For leads previously in nurture outside of Conversica, consider reengaging leads who interacted with a nurture, whether they visited a landing page, clicked the CTA button, or even opened the email but have not converted.
  • Skill Recommendation: Reactivate Interest, specifically the Reengage Prospects conversation

Use Conversica to re-engage dormant leads

How to Get Started

  • Consider your lead volume per segment: When selecting your first use case or lead segment to create an automated workflow for lead delivery, you want to ensure you have a steady stream of leads funneling in to generate tangible results.
  • Consider where your data lives: When determining what event or activity to trigger from, you’ll want to ensure that the data that captures those events is recorded in your CRM or MAP where the workflow is created. For example, if you want to send a lead to Conversica for re-engagement when they click a CTA link in your nurture email, you’ll want to ensure that form of engagement is captured.
  • Choose the right conversation: Consider the conversations you have available within your Conversica skills to ensure your technical strategy for automated lead delivery into Conversica aligns with your use cases that generate the most impact for your teams.

Bonus Tip: Supercharge your technical strategy by leveraging Conversica Conversation Rules and conversation variable pull fields.

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