It’s back-to-school season, and for private schools and institutions that means big business, hence a ton of lead pursuit. The Los Angeles Film School, a private college offering career-focused programs in Film, Recording Arts, Music Production, Game Production & Design, Animation & Visual Effects, and Entertainment Business, could teach many organizations a lesson or two in doing it successfully.

The LA Film School believes in a personal touch, so when a hard-earned lead comes in, all first attempts to reach out are made via phone call. In fact sales reps are given a full seven attempts or seven days to make a touch before any automation is introduced. Now ideally this would be an optimal approach, but unfortunately their salespeople, despite having first opportunity, were only making an average of 1.6 touches per lead rather than seven. This resulted in an annual conversion rate of 2-3%, which sales management believed could be improved.

And improve it they did – by over thirty percent – with one simple change.

What was it? I won’t spoil the ending for you, but you can find out by reading all about it as Ben Chaib, their VP of Admissions and Marketing, provides a masters-in-two-pages in maximizing lead conversion. And his success was so impressive in fact that eCampusNews chatted with him so they could share his learnings with their readers.

They’re both quick reads but very enlightening. Take a look and perhaps pick up a lesson or two yourself.