Sales & Marketing AI Assistants Packaging

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Sales AI Assistant


Sales AI Assistant


Sales AI Assistant


First point of contact to engage prospects that recently requested contact online (e.g. Low scoring leads, partner referrals, etc.)

ACTIVATE Unresponsive Demand

Second point of contact (after human has attempted) for prospects that requested info online (e.g. high-scoring leads not responding to the team, etc.)

RE-ACTIVATE Dormant Demand

Proactively initiate contact with prospects that previously expressed interest >90 days ago (e.g. untouched, unresponsive >90 days, or closed/lost)

WINBACK Former Customers

Proactively reach out to customers that left >90 days ago (e.g. recently lost >90 days or long lost >1 year ago)

PRE-EVENT Outreach

Reach out to generate interest and set meeting for attendees in advance of events (e.g. schedule demos or meetings at tradeshows, drive webinar attendance, etc.)

POST-EVENT Engagement

Proactively reach out to generate interest and set meeting for attendees in advance of events (e.g. tradeshows, webinars, etc.)

ACCELERATE Open Opportunities

Contact existing opportunities and help advance through sales process (e.g. pipeline push, complete application forms, etc.)

CULTIVATE Early Interest

Reach out to prospects that have signaled potential interest and have not requested contact yet (e.g. downloaded content like a whitepaper, ABM, social media, etc.)

While you can start with one AI Assistant, most of our customers work with multiple Conversica AI Assistants to augment their workforce.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Conversica AI Assistant?

Conversica® AI Assistants are software as a service solutions and help you automatically follow up with prospects and customers via personalized two-way conversations over email and SMS/text and in multiple languages. Conversica’s AI Assistant captures contact information from your database using custom variables and triggers. It then reaches out to these contacts based on specific criteria and using pre-approved messaging. The AI-powered assistant initiates contact, intelligently interprets replies, and crafts personalized responses to engage contacts and drive action. Your Conversica AI Assistant canvasses all the available contacts and does all the grunt work.

Does Conversica integrate with my marketing automation or sales automation system?

The Conversica platform complements and integrates with other tools in a company’s sales and marketing technology stack, including Adobe (Marketo) Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot, and Oracle (Eloqua). Leads from different campaigns are fed into the Conversica system based on lead status and lead owner, matching leads from different campaigns to different Conversica conversations. A standard integration with one of the systems listed above is included with the platform free of charge. Other more custom integrations are available as add-ons.

What is a conversational skill?

A conversational skill is a capability of a Conversica AI Assistant. It represents a group of conversation types that the AI assistant can have with a lead, prospect, or customer that are particularly well suited for a given scenario or use case. Each conversational skill of the Conversica Sales AI Assistant maps to a specific scenario within your demand generation funnel or sales pipeline process. For example, The “PRE-EVENT Outreach” skill gives you access to a robust set of conversation types for the AI Assistant to reach out to generate interest and set meetings with attendees in advance of an event, such as a webinar, trade show, or company road show.

What is the Conversica platform?

The Conversica AVA.AI™ Conversational AI platform bundles the ability to administer and manage conversations, reporting capabilities, and the ability to import third party data and integrate with third party systems. Access to the Conversica platform is included with each Sales AI Assistant at no additional charge.

What are contacts?

A contact is defined as a unique email address or phone number. For licensing purposes, contacts are counted at the platform level and shared across Conversica AI Assistants.

When do I need multiple AI Assistants?

Many of our customers have the need for multiple AI Assistants who serve multiple campaigns, multiple departments, multiple geographic regions, multiple language regions, or multiple product lines. Many of our customers start out with just one or two AI Assistants.

How do you define a language?

Today, Conversica AI Assistants speak English. A continuously growing subset of our AI Assistant’s skills and conversations are available in Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, and Japanese. It’s our goal to reach full coverage of all skills and conversations across all languages in the future.

I am not sure what skills are best for my situation. How do I get started fastest?

Our most popular AI Assistant is the Senior AI Assistant which has three skills.  The most commonly used conversational skills are Engage Demand, Activate Unresponsive Demand, and Re-activate Dormant Demand. In particular, the former two skills ensure that all inbound leads are being fully engaged. However, you should select the skills that best fit your specific needs and situation.

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