Conversica named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Automation Solutions for B2B, Q1 2024

AI in Our Everyday Lives Leads to Smarter and Faster Decisions, But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…


Get all your revenue teams on the same page
Get all your revenue teams on the same page
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Conversation Automation
Published 02/22/19
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We came to work this week with a slight holiday hangover from President’s Day weekend to a pleasant surprise, Conversica’s been recognized as one of the most innovative AI companies in the world by Fast Company. As much as it’s a testament to our hardworking team, a quick glance at the list and we’re excited to be a part of a larger celebration of AI’s prevalence into our everyday lives. The verdict is in: Artificial Intelligence cuts through the noise to enable smarter decisions, faster.

Looking at the other companies that are recognized, these SaaS businesses are solving a specific problem and utilizing AI technology to drive insights from large data sets to enable quicker decisions.

Similarly, Conversica’s AI Assistants help Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams by utilizing AI to deliver a personalized human touch at scale and helping to identify the hottest leads, faster. We help our clients implement AI to build higher performing teams by augmenting their workforce with AI Assistants and accelerating their best leads.

So, how is AI helping us to get to daily smarter and faster decisions?

Take a look at Deserve. The financial services industry has a notorious amount of data from credit scores, to bank balance, to outstanding debt. Instead of drowning in the ocean of data, companies like Deserve are using AI to develop a credit card for college students and young adults who would be ineligible or higher-risk under the traditional credit-scoring system. It predicts a user’s ability to pay back any expenditures by considering his or her schooling, earning potential, etc…Deserve helps companies to quickly access and provide credit to suitable individuals who otherwise would be labeled as ineligible and lost in the mirad of data.

How about AI enabling quicker decisions by improving and accelerating the process of recruiting top talent?

Anyone who has ever had to go through the painful process of pouring over hundreds of resumes will appreciate HiringSolved’s solution that deploys artificial intelligence to improve recruiters’ productivity and diminish unconscious bias. The company has created an AI-powered voice assistant so hiring managers can simply tell it what they’re looking for and receive in return names of people who meet their criteria.

What if I told you that the writing of this blog involves intense AI?

One of our favorite tools (to the chagrin of middle school English teachers everywhere) is Grammarly, which helps you write mistake free utilizing AI to streamline spell check to enhance your writing skills and eliminate grammar errors (Grammarly may or may not have been an integral contributor to this article). Centuries beyond Clippy and the squiggly red line we’ve come to love in Microsoft Word, Grammarly quickly analyzes millions of characters to help you quickly make editorial decisions to make you sound smarter than you may be.

At Conversica, we use AI and machine learning to analyze millions of data points from 370M+ leads emailed and 6M+ leads engaged via text to quickly identify buyer intent to help organizations to identify and accelerate their hottest leads, faster. By augmenting your workforce, our AI Assistants have authentic conversations with your leads to answer questions, follow up politely, and assess intent, freeing up your human workforce to do what they are the best at: building lasting relationships.

Reach out to a Conversica team member today to learn more about how we can help your teams make smarter and quicker decisions. Check out our Conversica AI Assistant or request a quick demo to see how we fit into your organization.

We’re helping organizations make smarter and faster decisions by turbocharging their marketing, sales and customer success teams to drive higher performance while improving efficiencies and delivering a better customer experience through AI.

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