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Conversica Is Proud to Serve Our Auto Dealerships

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Conversation-Qualified Improves Efficiency
Conversation-Qualified Improves Efficiency
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Published 04/10/20
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Conversica is proud to serve and support our auto dealership customers across the country, from creating a lasting impression with sales prospects to building lifelong service customers with our Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs).

Conversica continues to service over 1,000 automotive dealerships and 25 auto groups nationwide. We remain committed to the automotive vertical which helped inspire our technology more than a decade ago. In fact, Conversica’s first Intelligent Virtual Assistant was created to accelerate opportunities within the automotive sales process.

Our IVAs work side by side with Sales as well as Service team members to deliver an optimal customer experience, engage every lead, and generate more Sales or Service appointments. This has not changed. What has changed, due to the economic impacts of COVID-19, is our approach regarding our auto client prospects.

Below we will discuss the realities of the auto business, our strategy moving forward, and how we will continue to demonstrate our commitment to our existing auto customers.

Realities of the Automotive Business

The automotive dealership industry is an ecosystem consisting of single stores and mid-sized or large dealership groups. At this time, we are servicing new independent dealerships through our reseller channel, while Converscia focuses our direct sales on dealership groups.

We understand that independent dealers benefit from our Automotive Sales AI Assistant as well as our Automotive Service AI Assistants, which is why we are empowering our resellers to service individual dealerships as part of Conversica’s Agent Partner program. Now more than ever dealerships are focused on retaining car buyers through service appointments and adopting technologies to help scale a quality end-to-end customer experience.

Resellers are incorporating Conversica’s Intelligent Virtual Assistant solutions into their offerings to offer more complete end-to-end solutions that independent auto dealerships can employ to scale their sales and fixed operations.

If you are interested in becoming a Conversica Automotive reseller, please contact us at [email protected].

Our Auto Group Program

In light of our new strategy, Conversica is launching an auto group program to assist auto groups in augmenting their Marketing, Sales and Automotive Service teams. Explore our IVA packaging to see how our AI Assistants attract, acquire and grow car buyers and service customers at scale.

Similarly, for groups interested in providing their dealerships our offering, we are providing an Auto Group Enterprise License Program. Under this program auto groups can enjoy significant discounts and flexibility that can be applied across their stores, which applies to all dealerships within the Group.

If you are interested in this Auto Group Enterprise License Program, please contact us at [email protected].

Conversica Approved for General Motors

In recent news, Conversica’s Intelligent Virtual Assistants were approved by General Motors as in-Market Retail (iMR) Turnkey Products. This certification allows GM dealers who purchase/hire a Conversica IVA to receive co-op reimbursement from GM for their investment, significantly reducing their overall expense.

This program is available through our reseller network. For more information, please contact us at [email protected].

Free Services For Our Existing Auto Customers

Conversica’s business strategies and ethos are built upon a set of cultural values, the first of which is to be “Customer Obsessed,” and to think and act on their behalf. It is only by genuinely seeking to understand our customers’ goals and pain points so that we can help drive or alleviate them.

In that effort, we are proactively offering additional services at no cost to help our customers through these tough times; all our auto customers who use either our Automotive Sales AI Assistant or our Automotive Service AI Assistant can add the other for free. Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more.

Adapting Together

These are tough times and many businesses are having to adapt; Conversica is no exception. We will do our best to provide you, our customers and partners, with all the guidance and relief that we can as we navigate these uncharted roads together.

We encourage you to contact us to share your thoughts, your concerns and your successes with us. We’d love to hear from you.

On behalf of the Conversica Team,

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