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Convert Your Freemium Users With Conversational AI


Convert freemium users to paying customers
Convert freemium users to paying customers
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Published 05/09/23
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If you are like most SaaS companies, you probably offer some sort of free product trial to extend your brand outreach. This infuses your database with freemium product registrants. Great work! But how do you get those users to look past the payment hurdle and convert to paying customers?

Converting freemium users takes time and energy. It’s important to build a community to help drive value for your paid product. You want users to be intrigued and eager to use more product features to upgrade their subscriptions.

AI-powered Conversation Automation helps scale without investing labor hours to do so. Using personalized communication drives better conversions with freemium contacts.

Conversica provides libraries of conversation strategies to engage your users in a two-way interaction to deepen their sense of brand awareness and desire to convert. This dialogue can drive them to be ready for their next product adoption.

Create a Sense of Urgency or Offer a Promotion—or Both!

Many freemium programs are indefinite. To convert freemium users to paid users, it’s important to establish a sense of community as quickly as possible.

Consider offering a call or online training to welcome new subscribers and get them comfortable using the main features of your product. Offering discounts for converting or upgrading within a limited window after the initial subscription can help secure conversations with users that are ready. Others may need more time to continue learning more about your product.

The right Conversational AI platform gives you the tools you need to send consistent messaging, leverage data to get the timing right and help parse your users’ profiles while driving meeting bookings all at the same time.

Launch an Email Nurture Campaign

If you are not yet using a nurture program to build your freemium community, you are missing an opportunity.

Freemium users tend to be window shoppers. This is where Conversation Automation helps both SaaS companies and end-users alike. These conversations can build personalized experiences and provide the data necessary to make targeted nurture campaign recommendations for all stages of the free trial journey. AI holds the key to providing insights and recommendations to do even more effective mass customization.

Optimize Your Messaging

One prerequisite of Conversation Automation is that you need to take control of your data to ensure you are making the right introductions. It’s important to drive these users towards personalized conversions no matter what stage of the process they are in. Having a strong understanding of your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) can deliver the right customized experience from the beginning. After all, we all know there will be those that sign-up and never sign in again—and those that truly have a need to support their trial.

Using optimized messaging, including product descriptions and informational statements helps increase your authenticity. Focusing on tailoring your messages as much as possible can help identify those that are ready to purchase and those that need more hand-holding.

Make It Easy—Crazy Easy!

Just because people signed up for your freemium product doesn’t mean they will reach the point where they understand how valuable your products can be. Educate your users consistently on your product and features and provide them with step-by-step guides whenever possible. Send messaging highlighting and explaining key features of your product and remind freemium users about the value of the subscription they signed up for.

Be relentlessly focused on driving toward the shortest path to add value for your freemium users. It’s important to make your product indispensable so they keep returning.

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