One of our customers, Sesame Communications supports thousands of customers in its effort to grow and increase its profitability in the digital age. About a year ago, Sesame’s Director of Marketing Todd Martini and his team were facing the challenge of being overloaded by inbound leads and non-engaged leads that no one had time to follow up on. After trying lead scoring and drip campaigns, Todd and his team realized that they were not reaching decision makers. So they sought out a new way to handle their leads.

Drip campaigns replaced by AI

With a goal of increasing their outreach volume and improving their follow up on untouched leads, Sesame implemented Conversica’s AI Sales Assistant and added the persona Olivia Cooper to its team. The integration was implemented directly with Conversica and it’s been quite successful to date – to the tune of a 10:1 return on investment. The automated sales assistant now contributes an additional 6-7 closed deals worth $30-40k each month, a whopping 10% boost in marketing-sourced revenue for the company.

Where Sesame finds Conversica’s AI Assistant shines most is when dealing with large lists, and the leads she uncovers tend to be higher quality leads. When running a campaign, Sesame could have as many as 1,500 people that open an email who need to be followed up with. But that’s not something that the MDR team can call down in a short period of time. Luckily Martini has found that its Conversica AI assistant “Olivia” can engage this large list of prospects in a way that is personable and polite, tailoring each message to that individual, and efficiently managing the schedule upon which she sends out her communications, which is a much simpler process for the company.


AI + marketing automation

With a lean sales and marketing staff, sales and marketing automation is important to Sesame. The company now deploys the Conversica AI Assistant alongside traditional sales and marketing automation tools Marketo and Salesforce, and the team has found that there is little work to do other than just setting up the campaigns. “We’ve been doing marketing automation for 8 years with Marketo,” said Martini. “And anything we can use to reach out to more people without needing a lot of resources, we will grab onto.”  Typically the marketing has relied on drip campaigns. However, Sesame replaced its drip campaigns with Conversica’s Automated Sales Assistant, which is now its new marketing and sales automation tool of choice.


Conversica assists Sesame Communications

• 10% increase in marketing-sourced
• $30K-$40K lift in monthly revenue
• 6-7 new won deals per month
• 10:1 ROI

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