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Ensure the leads marketing hands over to sales are truly ready to engage in the sales process. Conversica improves lead scoring for leads in marketing automation software such as Marketo, Pardot and Eloqua, and works seamlessly with Salesforce.

Hand-off higher quality leads

Sales teams want higher-quality leads from marketing, not just more leads

Compare lead sources

See which lead sources are performing for sales – and which to drop

Go beyond lead scoring

Score based on actual intent-to-buy, not clicks and downloads

AI-driven nurturing

Your virtual sales assistant patiently nurtures each lead for days or weeks or months – until a lead’s interest changes to intent to buy

Real conversations

Each email appears to come from a real human and gets replies – typically a 50 percent engagement rate

Timely hand-off

Conversica notifies you immediately when a lead wants to hear from a rep and intends to purchase

Conversica’s sales conversion management software complements your marketing automation system to create an end-to-end system for CRM, demand generation and sales conversion management.

A human voice with superhuman perseverance

Better than lead scoring

With Conversica, you can be sure that the leads marketing hands over to sales are truly ready to buy. Rather than relying on website activity and click-through rates, Conversica engages in real conversations with leads and shares their actual responses. Conversica immediately alerts a sales rep when a lead is ready to engage in the sales process.

Evaluate lead sources

Compare lead sources based on AI conversations, including engagement rates, sales appointments set and other metrics.

Increase the ROI of marketing automation tools

Integrates easily with Marketo, Pardot and Eloqua to increase the effectiveness and ROI of these marketing automation solutions. You can use Conversica to follow-up on your high-scoring leads. Or you can use it to contact all your leads. You can even use it to re-engage stale leads.

Turn marketing qualified leads into sales qualified leads

Even the hottest lead requires 8 to 12 human touches. Potential customers want to control the process, but most marketing automation systems try to wrestle it away. Conversica puts customers in control by reaching out to ask leads when they are ready.

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