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How Conversica Changed Our Own Sales Game with Revenue Digital Assistants

Taj Mellor

Account Executive, Mid-Market & Enterprise

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Published 06/13/23
3 minutes read

Picture this: an unstoppable force working behind the scenes, revolutionizing how businesses automate their Sales and Marketing processes.

As the leading Conversational AI platform for revenue teams, we at Conversica have harnessed the remarkable capabilities of our AI-powered Revenue Digital Assistants™ not only for our customers’ use but also to supercharge our own Sales and Marketing efforts. Want to know how our cutting-edge, Powerfully Human®️ assistant transformed our Sales game?

With our Sales assistants Rachel Brooks and Cameron Andrews leading the charge, we’ve embarked on a journey to streamline our front-line revenue processes, liberating precious time for our Sales team to engage in high-value activities. This is where the magic happens—our not-so-secret secret weapon, if you will.

Currently, we use the Engage Demand, Activate Unresponsive Demand, Winback Former Customers and Accelerate Open Opportunities skills. We are also experimenting with using customized CRM fields to create a more cold outreach conversation to drive engagement with research from the SDR team.

Let’s look at how all our Sales conversations work together to engage every lead, unlock opportunities, and ultimately fuel our Conversica Growth Workforce™.

Engage Demand: Ignite Conversations, Nurture Relationships

The Engage conversation starts the conversation and nurtures prospects

Imagine a tireless ally who follows up with leads that have shown interest.

Our assistant Cameron effortlessly engages with these leads, answering their questions, providing crucial information, qualifying them and even scheduling meetings. This allows our Sales team to focus on the most promising leads while Cameron handles the crucial initial outreach.

Activate Unresponsive Demand: Unleash the Second Wave, Secure that Meeting

Activate Unresponsive Demand follows up with leads who have gone silent

Sometimes, the bizarre (and admittedly frustrating) happens: a prospect that may have requested to be contacted goes ghost.

That’s when Rachel comes to the rescue with Activate, the ultimate weapon in our arsenal to secure that coveted meeting/demo. Activate Unresponsive Demand swoops in as the second attempt, targeting prospects who may have slipped away or become Marketing Qualified Leads. Activate is designed to bring prospects back into the fold, ensuring no opportunity goes to waste.

Our team members use this skill after exhausting all their efforts to re-connect with the prospect or they complete a conversation sequence with no response. Our team does not let go without a fight!

Winback: Resurrecting Lost Opportunities, A Second Chance at Success

Winback performs outbound outreach to former customers

We believe in second chances, especially when it comes to closed-lost opportunities.

Our assistant Rachel fearlessly reaches out to those prospects who were once actively engaged in a Sales cycle but slipped through our fingers. With a blend of persistence and finesse, she dives into powerful conversations, reminding these prospects of the value we bring to the table. It’s a chance to reignite their interest and pave the way for a triumphant comeback!

Our team will use this skill to reach out to closed-lost customers that are from 90 days ago or more. We want this conversation to directly approach the prospect and find out why to lead to a more powerful and insightful conversation.

Accelerate Open Opportunities: Reigniting Fading Leads

Accelerate pushes deals that have stalled forward

Deals that go dark after the initial meeting are a common frustration for any Sales team. But fear not, because we’ve got Accelerate Open Opportunities—the beacon of light in the darkness.

This skill comes to the rescue when the first meeting is a no-show or when communication falls silent for weeks. Moreover, it’s a lifeline for those later-stage deals that seem to have lost their spark. The ever-persistent Rachel swoops in, armed with custom content and ready to reignite the flame and steer those deals toward success!

Our team uses this conversation mainly when the first meeting is a no-show or drops communication within two weeks after the first meeting date. In addition, this is beneficial for later-stage deals that went dark after the first meeting and have received our customized Value Summary document.

Constantly Innovating: Embracing Curiosity, Crafting Tailored Conversations

Here at Conversica, we thrive on curiosity and innovation and we never settle for the status quo. That’s why we continuously experiment with new use cases, exploring the endless possibilities our assistants bring to the table.

We’ve deployed our Convert Trials skill to target top-focus accounts, increasing our knowledge of best practices in Account-Based Selling. We’ve also started exploring using specific CRM fields for the Sales team to further personalize fields in conversations.

The continuous curiosity allows us to adapt and fine-tune conversation elements, ensuring we deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Overall, by harnessing the immense potential of our own RDA for Sales, Conversica has witnessed a metamorphosis in our own Sales and Marketing processes. We’ve elevated our efficiency, achieved outstanding results and discovered new frontiers to enhance our customers’ experiences. It’s a thrilling journey that never ceases to amaze us with the endless possibilities of utilizing generative AI in the enterprise.

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