There seems to be no end to the number of fields being transformed by modern artificial intelligence and Gerry Murray, an analyst at renowned marketing consultancy IDC Research, says that the time is now for sales and marketing.

In his recent blog, Cognitive Marketing: The Future for Smart Marketers, he sites what he calls “virtual telesales” – i.e. assigning artificial intelligence rather than a person to engage prospective customers – as a prime example of this transformation. He points out that “there is a huge midsection in the lead curve that requires a very low cost, highly effective means of further qualification. Traditionally, this is done through telesales services, which can be opaque, inconsistent, and expensive. Enter the virtual sales rep, a digital, rules-based learning algorithm that can replace telesales.”

He goes on to espouse the many virtues of such an automated sales assistant, and we couldn’t be more pleased because – with all due modesty – Conversica is far and away the leader in providing them. Don’t take my word for it: He sites us as his specific example!

It’s a great read that covers a lot of territory including ad optimization, multichannel marketing, and cloud-based cognitive services. Take a look and I hope you enjoy it.