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Powerfully Human answers
Powerfully Human answers
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Published 11/14/22
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Your leads and customers have questions—and your Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success teams have answers. That’s good because questions indicate that a contact is engaged and interested in learning more about your business and offerings.

Unfortunately, tasking your staff with answering a slew of incoming questions is difficult to scale. And while traditional automation solutions can help your teams fill in the gaps, one-way communications can only do so much. More often than not, when these run-of-the-mill automation solutions encounter an unfamiliar question, a “human in the loop” is required to step in. This is inefficient and results in slow response times for contacts and lots of additional work for team members. And even when a technology is able to handle FAQs, the responses are impersonal and generalized.

Thankfully, Conversica has a solution. We’ve launched Conversica Answers v2 to help revenue teams more effectively and efficiently answer incoming questions without sidetracking the conversation. Autonomously answering business-specific questions with a Revenue Digital Assistant™ (RDA) means better customer experiences and better time management for employees—all while keeping the conversation moving toward high-value actions (like scheduling a Sales meeting or connecting with a Customer Success Manager).

Let’s take a closer look at what Conversica Answers v2 means for your revenue teams.

What Conversica Answers v2 Means for You

The launch of Conversica Answers v2 is a paradigm shift in how businesses handle customer questions by providing business-specific statements for the Digital Assistant to leverage during its conversations with customers.

For example: Let’s say you work for a B2C telecommunications company. A customer responds to your Revenue Digital Assistant’s outreach with a highly specific question about data speeds; namely, whether your service throttles 5G mobile data speeds if she reaches a certain usage threshold.

You might not know it, but this prospect is shopping several of your competitors at the same time—and is likely to convert with the first business to respond with an answer she likes.

Rather than waiting for a Salesperson to follow up with the prospect via email or phone call, the RDA autonomously matches the customer’s question with a preloaded answer: Premium-plus customers enjoy unlimited 5G without data speed throttling, wherever 5G reception is available. Delighted by the quick response, the customer pulls out their credit card, ready to buy your premium-plus plan.

This is just one example, of course. In reality, the possibilities are endless. Whether you work in the Sports and Entertainment industry and want to field questions whenever they arise, in the Tech industry and need to share distinct messaging about your products, or in the Healthcare industry and want to address regulatory questions—Conversica Answers can help you do all that and more. That’s a big advantage over your average Conversational AI provider or rules-based chatbot.

Conversica Answers v2 autonomously responds to customer questions

How to Use Conversica Answers v2

Conversica customers can find an Answers tab within your My Conversica page. The newest version enables you to define your own answer categories and statements, with no limits on the number of supported Answers. You even can configure when an answer should be applied based on a specific conversation or contact list.

This is substantially different from rules-based tools that match certain phrases to predefined responses. You’ve probably encountered these kinds of interactions with bots over website chat, email, or SMS. The experience is clunky for consumers, but it’s an even bigger headache for the businesses that manage these tools. Why? Because team members are forced to try and predict how customers might ask questions, so they can match it to a response. Talk about clunky!

Conversica Answers v2 is completely different in that our technology uses sophisticated AI models trained to understand the intent of incoming questions and deliver the right answer. That’s not a phrase match, that’s AI-powered two-way communication. This means increased accuracy and better overall experiences.

Want to explore the RDA’s ability to match facts to questions? Our latest version gives you the option to test conversations within the tool. Just ask your Revenue Digital Assistant questions to see how the answers are used in an organic conversation.

Conversica Answers v2 allows you to customize answers for your Revenue Digital Assistant to deliver

Benefits of this enhanced capability include:

  • Increased hot lead rate by allowing the Revenue Digital Assistant to move towards the main objective by continuing the conversation with a provided answer
  • Ability to leverage Answers across more communication channels and languages
  • Increased flexibility to configure Answers in different environments
  • Ability to support specific FAQs popular with your business
  • Creating a scalable approach to leverage Machine Learning with neural networks, without leveraging rules-based AI
  • Improved customer experience without putting the onus on your employees to field common questions

Personalization at Scale

Conversica Answers v2 is all about increasing the power of your Revenue Digital Assistants to keep the conversation moving by answering questions with your business-specific language. This is a boon for customers seeking quick and accurate answers about your business, as well as a win for revenue team members who can focus on high-value conversations.

By automating important Q&As, our Revenue Digital Assistants help scale personalized interactions with all your leads and customers. It’s just another way Conversica helps you do what you do best.

It’s time to change the way you do business! Explore our Essential Guide to Conversation Automation: The Best Way to Engage Customers and Win Revenue.

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