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Get all your revenue teams on the same page
Get all your revenue teams on the same page
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Artificial Intelligence
Published 10/10/19
2 minutes read

This past summer was an exciting season for Conversica as we announced a number of new features and functionalities to delight our customers and improve their workflows. Our recent webinar titled Get Back-to-School Ready with the Latest in AI Assistant Technology, hosted by Sr. Director of Product Marketing Jan Sijp and SVP of Product Management Will Webb-Purkis, discusses these latest releases including:

  • The new Conversation Editor, which lets you personalize Conversica’s AI-powered conversations to meet the unique needs of your business.
  • User Profiles that provide easier management of user access control over the administrative interface.
  • A pre-announcement of Conversica Answers (now available to select customers) that empowers your AI Assistant to answer frequently asked questions autonomously, while continuing to drive the conversation to the desired end.
  • As well as additional enhancements such as an expanded library of conversation types and additional integrations with third-party software.

Each of these features and functions demonstrates adherence to Conversica’s design philosophy which is centered around the business user. More specifically, Conversica strives to provide ease of use for our customers, democratization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for wider usability, and value and purpose to solve real-world pain points experienced by our customers.

“We ultimately want to make our experiences intuitive and self-serving so that our customers can fully immerse themselves in the power and complexity of AI without it seeming overwhelming,” says Shubham Agarwal, Director of Product Management at Conversica.

Conversation Editor is a perfect example of this idea in that it allows users to see how conversations flow while also allowing them to make adjustments. This functionality is visually powerful and enables non-technical users to get the most out of their AI Assistants. That being said, the Conversica platform still comes with pre-built conversations right out of the box for easy and immediate deployment.

The Conversation Editor allows users to see how conversations flow and to make adjustments

Conversica Answers autonomously delivers answers to commonly asked questions from leads and customers while driving contacts towards a specific goal, such as setting a meeting with a salesperson. While business users can choose to activate pre-set question-and-answers sets to field queries from leads and customers for immediate use, our customers can also build their own question-and-answer sets to meet their particular needs and use cases.

Answers v1 empowers your RDA to answer frequently asked questions autonomously

“To build Conversica Answers, we utilized our years of experience in conversational AI as well as leverage the massive data advantage Conversica has in its millions of conversations,” says Agarwal. “Each of these individual releases represents a commitment to our design philosophy. We are making our AI Assistants smarter (e.g. Conversation Editor and Conversica Answers) and ensuring that our customers can integrate them into their businesses (e.g. user profiles and software integrations).”

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