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Premium Skills Enhancement: Revenue Digital Assistants Get Their Advanced Degree

Chris Salway

Senior Product Manager

Revenue Digital Assistants are the smartest in class
Revenue Digital Assistants are the smartest in class
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Conversation Automation
Published 11/04/22
6 minutes read

You already know your revenue teams and customers could benefit from Conversation Automation. The ability to automate personalized two-way interactions that drive revenue-generating activities is appealing. What’s not to love about offloading repetitive outreach to leads/customers while still delivering iconic experiences?

But how do you know one Conversation Automation solution is better than another? Truth be told, there are personalized interactions and hyper-personalized interactions; in much the same way you could send a personalized email versus an email well-crafted and well-researched to make an even greater impact on your audience.

Conversica, the leader in Conversation Automation, is always working to make our robust Revenue Digital Assistants (RDAs) even better. The goal for any of our product announcements is to deliver high-performing, personalized conversations that delight customers, drive revenue opportunities, and scale your workforce so employees can do what they do best.

As part of this ongoing effort to offer the most robust Conversation Automation solution, we introduce Premium Skills Enhancement for our Revenue Digital Assistants. Think of this as an “advanced degree” for your virtual assistants.

Let’s look at what makes the Premium Skills Enhancement special and what they mean for your revenue teams.

What’s Premium Skills Enhancement, Anyway?

Conversica’s Premium Skills Enhancement leverages account and buyer insights from any third-party platform—like your favorite Account Based Marketing platform, Customer Data Platform, Customer Relationship Management platform, or Customer Success Management platform—to hyper-personalize customer engagementfurther segmentation and conversation routing, and help teams prioritize all accounts with equal importance.

Why is this so cool? With the power of Conversation Automation and data enhancement through multiple resources, Conversica’s AI-powered RDAs will help companies:

  • Increase their engagement rates through hyper-personalized conversations,
  • Boost their conversation and response rates by sending relevant messages to relevant audiences with advanced segmentation and routing,
  • And beat the capacity issues and prioritize all accounts equally by automating conversations with account and buyer insights at scale.

This is a big benefit for B2B companies especially because it helps solve common pain points including:

  • Poor prospect or customer engagement by delivering personalized and relevant communications at scale
  • Insufficient ROI, lagging conversion rates, and low response rates by leveraging ABM and other third-party insights effectively for better segmentation and routing
  • Losing revenue opportunities due to capacity constraints by prioritizing Tier 1, 2, and 3 accounts equally with ABM data

What results can you expect from using Premium Skills Enhancement for your Revenue Digital Assistant? Conversica boasts an increase in lead engagement rates by 25% over 45 days. So, if you think of 13.65% as the average baseline, you’ll see a 17% lead engagement rate instead. That’s a big win for your Marketing and Sales teams who are always looking for more high-quality opportunities. Similarly, your Customer Success team should experience positive feedback from your customers.

Use Cases for Our Premium Skills Enhancement

Let’s dive into the use cases for our Premium Skills Enhancement.

Boosting Lead Engagement

First and foremost is the ability to boost engagement and keep your prospects interested in your products by leveraging account and buyer insights to hyper-personalize conversations.

For example:

Let’s say you have a prospect from the manufacturing industry who’d benefit from a customer testimonial. Your Digital Assistant can autonomously pull relevant information from ZoomInfo to call out common industry pain points, describe the solution your company provides, and back it up with customer results and quotes.

In other words, our RDAs increase the depth and value of each contact’s experience by referencing industry-specific language and pain points during their two-way conversations. Variables include:

  • Lead title and industry
  • Problem and solution description
  • Product results
  • Customer results and testimony

Driving Handraisers

Another benefit is the ability to increase response and conversion rates to find handraisers by sending relevant messages to relevant audiences with advanced segmentation and conversation routing. Consider how your best Sales Development Reps leverage insights from your ABM platform to really drive your message home with leads and prospects. Now think about automating high-quality work at scale so every would-be customer receives relevant outreach, which warms up leads for the next step in their customer journey.

For example:

Let’s say you have large swaths of mid-priority leads. These folks haven’t MQLed yet, but are nonetheless passively curious about your brand. The RDA reaches out to one CRO in particular, demonstrating some solid knowledge about her business, industry, and revenue range. Impressed by the level of attention, this prospect responds to the RDA hoping to learn more about how your solutions can help her growing business.

It’s true! Our RDAs leverage ABM platform and other third-party data points to segment your audiences and automatically route to the most logical conversation with the most relevant messaging, which results in detecting handraisers who are ready to talk to your revenue teams. Variables for segmentation and routing include:

  • Company and profile fit
  • Company buying stage
  • Lead title and industry
  • Employee and revenue range

Scaling Account Outreach

Thanks to Conversica’s powerful scalability, your revenue teams can touch more accounts at scale—while prioritizing them all equally by automating conversations with account and buyer insights. Not only do your Tier 1 accounts get personalized attention but so do your Tier 2 and 3 accounts. This means your teams find and accelerate even more opportunities without having to put in the leg work of chasing down handraisers in your Tier 2 and 3 accounts.

For example:

Let’s say you have a seemingly low-value lead. They aren’t very engaged in your campaigns, never attend your webinars, and rarely open your marketing emails. Your SDRs—perhaps rightly—won’t spend any time chasing them down. But your RDAs have all the time in the world. By sending a highly personalized message to this low-value lead, this prospect’s interest is piqued. They request a Sales meeting, and wouldn’t you know it, your Marketing and Sales team close the biggest deal of the quarter—all thanks to your RDA.

Getting Ahead of At-Risk Accounts

Additionally, our RDAs can leverage account triggers to proactively reach out to potential at-risk accounts. If, for instance, you identify that one of your customers is rarely using your offerings or is dropping in NPS score, the RDA can automatically start a dialog to understand what’s happening and why. By addressing issues early and often, your Customer Success Managers can get a leg up and intervene when and where they need to.

For example:

Let’s say you have a longtime customer who suddenly stops using your product. They are usually highly engaged, so this is weird. Your CSM reaches out three times, without getting a reply. The conversation is passed to an RDA to continue polite, persistent outreach. Finally, on the 7th attempt, you find out via the RDA that the champion of your product has left the company. And the remaining team doesn’t know how to proceed with your product. Your CSM intervenes and sets the customer back on the right track. Without this persistent follow-up to figure out the issue, that customer would have undoubtedly churned.

All in all, our Revenue Digital Assistants work alongside your teams to build a Growth Workforce that beats capacity issues by promptly, persistently, and proactively engaging with your contacts with equal prioritization. It’s time you leverage account insights to all types and sizes of accounts, so you don’t have to deprioritize any prospect or customer because of lack of time or attention.

Looking to get started with our Premium Skills Enhancement? Learn more by visiting our Conversation Management page or asking your Account Rep for a demo.

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