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By The Numbers: The Power of Conversation Automation


Conversica Revenue Digital Assistants unlock opportunities
Conversica Revenue Digital Assistants unlock opportunities
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Conversation Automation
Published 06/12/22
2 minutes read

Customer-facing revenue teams are always seeking new ways to augment their people, processes, and technology in hopes of uncovering and accelerating revenue opportunities. One solution offering a lot of promise to revenue teams is Conversational Automation.

And for good reason. Conversation Automation and Conversational AI boast really promising returns on investment. Conversica customers regularly see more than 10X ROI on their AI Assistants: “Turn $1 into $10. Or $36. Or $52.”

Conversation Automation solutions—such as Intelligent Virtual Assistants—help companies of all sizes scale personalized, two-way conversations that drive revenue opportunities. Since Conversation Automation autonomously engages leads and customers across email, SMS, and website chat, revenue teams can spend less time chasing contacts and more time converting them.

But as with any technology, there’s a spectrum between nascent or inefficient solutions and mature, robust solutions. Conversica AI Assistants are battle-tested via one billion interactions across dozens of industries, over more than a decade. This results in the leading Conversation Automation solution helping move leads and customers through the customer journey and lifecycle towards revenue-generating activities.

This isn’t just talk. We have the numbers to back up our claims. Here are a few standout statistics to know about our Conversational AI offerings:

  • 1.27% click-thru rate vs. 9.88% reply rate
    • While admittedly not an apples-to-apples comparison, the point still stands: Nobody accomplishes the same level of engagement as Conversica.
  • 0.3% Hot lead rate vs. 3% Hot lead rate
    • Yes, that’s 10x the handraisers.
  • 3.7x more opportunitiesthan standard automation
    • Your Sales team will love this.
  • 10 days to “Hot”
    • From initial outreach to “Yes, I want to talk to Sales” in just 10 days. How’s that for pipeline velocity?
  • 7,388 hours of capacity added annually
    • By automating redundant—albeit very important—outreach, AI Assistants afford your team more than 30 hours a day back to your team! That’s the power of a more-than-human technology.
  • 98% accuracy rate
    • People make mistakes and drop the ball. It is only natural. Fortunately, Conversation Automation consistently makes the right decisions during its interactions with leads and customers.

By scaling lead and customer outreach via the power of Conversation Automation, AI Assistants turn Marketing and Sales professionals into superheroes.

Let’s take a look at a few of the companies already leveraging Conversica to supercharge their revenue teams:

In short, adding Conversation Automation to your revenue teams can result in higher ROI, great customer engagement, and plenty of time saved. What’s not to love?
Are you ready to smash your own revenue goals? Calculate your ROI now.
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