We polled over one thousand Americans to get their thoughts on artificial intelligence and the Thanksgiving holiday. After all, it’s a time to reflect on what we’re thankful for…and who wouldn’t be grateful for an AI-powered assistant to help us around this time of the year? 

What we found was that 1 in 3 Americans already use AI-powered apps:

  • 16 percent use apps like Siri and Google
  • 10 percent use apps like Alexa and Google
  • 2 percent use work apps like Salesforce’s Einstein

As AI technology becomes more accepted and widely used, here’s what Americans have to say from our turkey-day themed survey:

AI assistant holiday

Why business thankful for AI

Interestingly, the older Americans get, the more convinced they become of AI’s promise. Only 45% of 18-24 year olds thought businesses should be grateful for AI, but that figure climbs to more than 50% for those who are 35 years and older.

“What this research shows is that the executive demographic understands that AI is giving companies the competitive edge they need to win,” said Carl Landers, SVP, Marketing and CMO of Conversica. “At Conversica, we see how more than a thousand businesses are using AI to make their staffs more productive and more successful.”

The survey was conducted November 8-11, 2017, with Conversica using Google Consumer Surveys to gather the opinions of 1,009 American adults. Here’s a look at their methodology.


Be sure to check out more festive findings from this survey, as featured on the Daily Caller. Happy Turkey Day!