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AI for marketing powered by the industry's most advanced NLP technology
AI for marketing powered by the industry's most advanced NLP technology
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Converting Opportunities
Published 03/01/18
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There are dozens of lead scoring and qualification tools to help Sales teams optimize their process. But it’s not an exact science – each company has their own methodology for determining if the point of contact fits your buyer persona, has a real need for your solution, or has the authority to pull the trigger on a purchasing decision. Even with these tools, and a 100-plus Sales team, managing inbound leads can be difficult to do.

This was the case for Snowflake Computing, a cloud-based, data warehousing firm based in San Mateo, California. In an article featured in the Wall Street Journal, Snowflake turned to Conversica, the leading provider of Intelligent Virtual Assistants, to automate key stages of lead follow-up and engagement of potential buyers.

AI-powered Intelligent Virtual Assistants follow up with leads who have downloaded content from your website, stopped by your booth at a trade show, or filled out a “Contact Request” form. These Intelligent Virtual Assistants also re-engage stale or out-of-date leads that have been sitting in your database, automatically verifying and updating information such as the correct contact person, their phone number, and email address. Through two-way, personalized conversations, the Conversica Sales AI Assistant learns directly from the lead about their product interest, intent to buy, and whether they want to speak to a Sales representative.

The lead always has the option to opt-out and stop communicating with the Sales AI Assistant – but if they indicate they are interested, the lead is immediately handed off to a Sales rep.

Benefits of an Intelligent Virtual Assistant
By automating these rote tasks, Salespeople can make better use of their time – rather than trying to figure out who in the pipeline is a serious buyer, they can talk to prospects they already know are interested and can focus on closing deals.

According to Gartner analyst, Todd Berkowitz, “Saving Salespeople time is important, and these tools can help them be more effective.” In addition to helping Sales teams work smarter, Conversica helps businesses operate with greater visibility into the Sales team’s performance. The Sales AI Assistant follows up with the prospect again a few days after passing off the lead to make sure the Sales rep followed up and the lead got all the information they needed. Any leads that have not received follow-up will be marked “at risk.”

As stated in the WSJ, “Sales departments are the most common business units acquiring AI technology, largely because they are already awash in data and need help analyzing it. In a survey about corporate uses of AI, Forrester Research found that 46% of more than 400 business and technology professionals identified sales and marketing as leading AI spending and adoption, followed by product management and customer support, at 40%, and engineering at 31%.”

Ready to see the Conversica Sales AI Assistant in action? Book a live demo to see if Conversica’s AI solution is a fit for you.

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