Drive Personalized Engagement and Revenue Opportunities for Your Health and Wellness Business

As businesses reopen and local COVID restrictions ease, health and wellness companies need a scalable way to communicate with former members and potential new members. This can be tough for any organization, but especially for short-staffed businesses. Luckily, Conversational AI fills in the gaps by offering personalized conversations at scale. AI Assistants help gyms, health clubs, and community centers drive members to take actions that help drive revenue.


Meet the Needs and Expectations of Your
Prospects and Members

Slow or general replies to prospects and members just don’t cut it anymore. Members want immediate and helpful responses to their inquiries—including necessary information about health policies. Conversational AI offers a scalable way to promptly and persistently communicate with contacts. AI Assistants foster real conversations with prospects and members over email, SMS, and website chat. Extend your outreach capabilities, drive operational efficiency, and deliver stellar customer experiences which lead to revenue opportunities with Conversational AI.



“Conversica allows me to reengage old leads while still focusing on new leads. The persistence of the program is unmatched and is able to get responses from leads who have not been previously engaged.”

– User in Health, Wellness and Fitness, Mid-Market

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Stand Out From the Crowd With Personalized and Timely Engagement

After spending months indoors, a lot of people are looking to get up and at ‘em. But are you ready to offer personalized outreach? When it comes to converting leads and prospects, the #1 barrier is insufficient engagement. When prospective members peruse multiple wellness organizations before settling on a decision, it helps to stand out from the crowd. Conversica AI Assistants make sure prospects are appropriately pursued with persistent, prompt, personal, and high-performing communication.


Transform Club Membership Sales With Conversational AI

Conversational AI is your gym’s best sales tool. AI Assistants empower clubs to convert leads with less effort and a higher rate of success thanks to more targeted and accurate communications with prospects. Scale personalized outreach to every lead to accelerate sales-ready prospects and boost productivity. Persistent contact with a personal touch at just the right time is what makes the difference.

Keeping Existing Customers and Members Motivated and Coming Back

Engagement shouldn’t stop when a prospect becomes a member. Retain and grow your base by giving your existing members the attention they need. AI Assistants deliver important updates, gauge member satisfaction, drive attendance, and gather honest feedback.


Meeting the Challenges Facing Health and Wellness Organizations

Improved Personalization and Engagement

Your prospects and members expect personalized interactions. Deliver a personalized touch to every contact with unparalleled promptness, persistence, and performance with an AI Assistant.

Increased Efficiency and Revenue Opportunities

AI Assistants help boost team productivity by automating repetitive tasks. But even better is Conversational AI’s ability to accelerate revenue opportunities across the customer lifecycle.

See What Conversica AI Assistants Can Do For Your Health and Wellness Business

Explore how Conversational AI can revolutionize your health and wellness business. Request a demo from Conversica to learn how AI Assistants identify interested prospects faster, accelerate opportunities, and retain/grow your existing memberships.