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3 Tips for Starting 2022 Q1 on the Right Foot


Planning for revenue growth
Planning for revenue growth
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Building Pipeline
Published 12/23/21
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Returning to work after the holiday break is a bit of a mixed bag. Some folks hit the ground running, feeling refreshed after the recess. Others are a bit lethargic from all the festivities and rich food and need a little time to ramp up. But no matter where you and your coworkers fall in this spectrum, you all need to be motivated to start Q1 2022 on the right foot.

Below we will share a handful of tips and tricks to help you jump into Q1 ready to go.

Realign Marketing and Sales Teams Around ABM Execution

A recent survey focused on Account-Based Marketing (ABM) finds that Marketing and Sales teams are well aligned on strategy—and even recognize and appreciate the value created by their colleagues on the other team. While this is welcome news considering historical finger-pointing between teams, there is a new disconnect keeping Marketers and Salespeople from realizing their full potential—namely, how to best execute personalized outreach to target accounts.

The long-and-short of it is that Marketers expect Salespeople to leverage intent data to hyper-personalize messaging, but Salespeople simply don’t have the time to do so. Both teams recognize the value in doing so—in other words, they agree from a strategic perspective—but they disagree on how to actually accomplish this. And that disagreement stems from an inability to scale personalized outreach.

Marketing and Sales leaders can heal this divide by enabling Sales Development Reps with ABM training and guidance—and investing in intelligent automation tools, like Conversational AI, to augment and scale team capacities.

Put Customer Success at the Forefront of Revenue Generation

Whether the post-COVID economy will come roaring back to life in 2022 or whether it will take a meandering recovery is anybody’s guess. In either case, a wise strategy for Q1 of next year is to invest time and resources into growing existing customers.

The thinking is that it might take more effort to attract and acquire new customers than in years past. However, your existing customers already understand the value you offer. Rather than exclusively chasing down new opportunities, why not put extra effort into expanding and cross-selling the base you already have. Not only is it cheaper to retain customers than it is to find new ones, but it also helps you deepen relationships, build champions for your brand, and discover more revenue.

Prioritizing Customer Experience With Personalization at Scale

Keeping in line with the first two tips, 2022 is all about customer experiences. We are now fully ingrained in a digital-first world where customer journeys begin online. And it’s up to businesses to meet online customers with a personalized first touch, nurture these connections online, and in many cases even close the deal over virtual channels.

But the internet also instills a sense of immediate gratification. If your business cannot meet customers on their own time with personalized communications, you are likely to fall behind one of your competitors which is just a click away.

Fortunately, innovative technologies like Conversational AI can meet customer needs at any time and across any channel with a personalized, human-like experience. The businesses that lean most heavily on Conversational AI to augment their revenue teams (such as Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success) are most likely to stand out from the crowd in 2022 and beyond.

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