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AI Assistants Turn Sales Teams into Superheroes


Uncover hidden revenue and hit all your Sales targets
Uncover hidden revenue and hit all your Sales targets
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Converting Opportunities
Published 04/07/22
2 minutes read

What’s a day in the life of your Salespeople? Sales Development Reps (SDRs) spend a lot of their time chasing leads over phone and email, hoping to catch an interested lead who came in from a content download or webinar. Your Account Executives are similarly interested in working with the best leads/prospects, educating them on your offerings, and motivating them to convert.

Your Sales team is great. But there’s always room for improvement. That’s why you invest so much time, energy, and money into training sessions, hiring the right people, and equipping them with the best technologies.

However, your Salespeople are still just people. They have off days, they struggle with capacity constraints, and opportunities fall through the cracks. We’re all human, after all.

But in those challenges lies an opportunity to maximize what’s best about your people, while offloading some of the tasks that over-occupy Salespeople. For instance, Salespeople are great at building relationships, addressing a prospect’s pain points with real solutions, and creative problem-solving. What they aren’t so good at is sifting through hundreds or even thousands of leads to find who’s hot and who’s not. It simply takes too much time and effort—effort that is better spent on those high-value tasks mentioned above.

So, what’s the solution? The key is to augment your Sales team with intelligent automation technologies that automate personalized outreach and accelerate sales-ready opportunities. One such technology is Conversational AI for Sales.

How Conversational AI Makes Sales into Superheroes

There are two types of superheroes: People who are superhuman by birth (like Superman or the X-Men), and those who are simply human but leverage powerful technologies to become superheroes (like Batman or Iron Man). Conversational AI works like the latter.

An SDR can absolutely welcome an incoming lead with a personalized message, answer questions over email, share additional resources, determine the lead’s intent and readiness, and schedule a Sales call. But scaling this process effectively for hundreds or thousands of leads—that’s the superhuman capacity only Conversational AI can provide.

Conversational AI, and AI Assistants specifically, differ from traditional email automation tools or sales enablement platforms in that they autonomously engage contacts in two-way conversations that actively push towards the next step in the revenue lifecycle. MAPs and SEPs only send things out. They do not—and cannot—autonomously deliver two-way, human-like conversations at scale.

This is essential in a digital-first world where consumers like to educate themselves about your offerings. But once they are ready with a question, they expect immediate assistance. And that’s where AI Assistants make all the difference. By automating personalized lead engagement that is always prompt and persistent, Sales teams do a better job of meeting customers’ needs, when they need it. And when you factor in that Conversational AI is multichannel—email, SMS, and website chat—these conversations are happening where customers need them to.

Better still, Conversica AI Assistants boast an unprecedented 98% accuracy rate. So, maybe a better analogy is that AI Assistants are superhuman sidekicks that empower Sales teams to do what they do best.

By taking on repetitive tasks and autonomously motivating leads to take the next best action towards acquiring revenue, Sales teams can focus on the tasks only a person can offer; such as problem-solving, helping a prospect talk through their specific needs and expectations, and closing deals.

Are you ready to turn your Sales team into superheroes? Explore our webinar: How to Create a Winning Sales Journey with AI.

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