The Five Pillars of Intelligence: How the Best AI Assistants Work

Conversica’s Conversational AI Platform is recognized for providing the best AI Assistants on the market. That’s because our AI Assistants are built on the Five Pillars of Intelligence—Perceive, Understand, Decide, Act, and Learn—fine-tuned to support AI-powered customer engagement across Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success use cases at enterprise scale with unprecedented accuracy and a human-like experience.

The Five Pillars of Intelligence for AI Assistants


Our AI Assistants perceive when new contacts are added to your CRM, MAP, or database. These contacts can be automatically linked to a campaign for the AI Assistant to promptly and persistently follow up.



Our proven and patented AI Assistants understand unstructured text in two-way conversations by leveraging natural-language understanding (NLU). AI Assistants interpret a contact’s intent (such as expressing interest in a meeting, requesting more information, or opting out) as well as entities (including contact information or date/time). AI Assistants engage with contacts over multiple communication channels and in multiple languages to drive towards the next best action.


Conversica AI Assistants make the right decision an unprecedented 98% of the time. AI Assistants know when to notify your reps about a hot lead or customer in need, nurture a relationship over time via email, or even stop messaging an uninterested contact.



Once the Conversica AI Assistant makes a decision, it autonomously executes the next best action as it pertains to that decision. The next best action could be continuing a conversation with natural-language generation (NLG), alerting a Salesperson of a hot lead, updating contact data in your CRM, or continuing the conversation at a later date—all without human micro-management.


When you deploy an AI Assistant, you’re getting an AI Assistant with over 10 years of revenue-generation experience, learning from over a billion interactions. Our Conversational AI Platform is always improving itself by leveraging machine learning and deep learning, which means the first four pillars are getting stronger every day.


Conversica AI Assistants Are Proven, Scalable, and Secure

Scale Your Workforce

Affordably scale your revenue-generating teams to reach more customers and prospects. IVAs can conduct millions of conversations without human intervention.

Reliable and Proven

Intelligent Virtual Assistants are prompt, polite, and personalized 100% of the time. Rest easy knowing your customers and prospects are enjoying a pleasant experience.

See Rapid Time-to-Value

Each Intelligent Virtual Assistant is pre-trained, with templated conversations to help you start conducting outreach right away. Our customers are up and running in as little as two weeks.

Easy to Deploy

Your Conversica AI Assistant is quick to deploy, easy to customize by campaign, and seamlessly integrates with major marketing automation platforms and CRMs, like Marketo, Salesforce, Hubspot, and more.

Intelligent Virtual Assistants for Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success


with Conversational Marketing

Strengthen the top of your funnel with up to 100% lead coverage and increased engagement rates. Conversational Marketing drives the next best action across chat, email, and SMS.


with Conversational Sales

Never miss a Sales-ready opportunity again. Build a healthy pipeline of quality opportunities with Conversational Sales. Conversica AI Assistants can do the work of at least 10 SDRs and achieve 4x pipeline at half the cost of employee-driven engagement alone.


with Conversational Customer Success

Increase efficiencies for your over-leveraged Customer Success teams by automating time-consuming outreach with a Conversica AI Assistant. Retain and grow revenue from your base using Conversational Customer Success.
“The results we have seen in fewer than 60 days are nothing short of eye-opening. Such an efficient tool with REAL bottom line results. We currently have identified through Conversica more than 75 HOT LEADS and have closed more the 20 leads. All while continuing to keep the funnel of new leads filled for our sales team.”

– Kristopher S., Marketing Director, Mid-Market

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