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Automating the Lead Qualification Process

Taj Mellor

Account Executive, Mid-Market & Enterprise

Use conversational AI to automate lead qualification
Use conversational AI to automate lead qualification
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Published 03/31/23
3 minutes read

If you lead a revenue team, generating quality leads and converting them into customers is at the top of your priority list. But with so many leads coming in, it can be challenging to qualify each one and determine which are worth pursuing.

Automating the qualification process can be a complete game-changer.

Using an outcome-driven generative AI solution optimized for revenue-hunting makes it possible to hand off the bulk of pre-meeting back-and-forth with leads, freeing your human employees to prioritize the later-stage activities that actually generate revenue. Think of it as an AI-powered opportunity hunter.

These are our top three best practices for automating the lead-to-SQL portion of your funnel.

Best Practice #1: Qualifying Website Interest

One of the most effective types of converted inbound leads is capitalizing on website interest. Using Conversica enables you to interact with potential customers who have shown interest in a product or service by visiting your website. Conversica’s AI-powered Revenue Digital Assistants™ can engage with these leads and qualify them through conversation before handing the truly Sales-ready prospects off to your team, ensuring that no opportunity is overlooked.

Here are some of the key benefits of using Conversica to follow up on website interest:

  1. After Hours Engagement
    Your assistant never has to take time off. This means leads can be followed up on and the qualification process started, even while your Sales reps are off!
  2. Provides an Interactive Experience
    This is a great way to keep the conversation going before Sales even has to step in.
  3. Qualifying Assistance
    You can set specific questions in the conversation to assist with the qualification process to ensure the conversation is more valuable before getting to Sales. 
  4. Understanding Interest
    This stems from the qualification assistance to give your Sales team a better understanding of why a prospect is interested in your company, giving reps an extra edge for their meeting.

Best Practice #2: Personalizing for Lower-Tier Accounts

Not every lead is created equal, but your Revenue Digital Assistant can help you engage with all leads while prioritizing your employee’s time for top-tier accounts. By using specified CRM fields together with your RDA, you can personalize messages at scale, ensuring that each lead receives a unique message that speaks directly to them even if they are lower-tier accounts. This can be particularly helpful when you have a large volume of leads and want to personalize interactions with each one.

Conversica pulls data and insights from CRM, Marketing Automation, AMB Platform and Customer Success Platforms to segment and personalize every conversation

Here are some of the personalization options you have to customize your campaign:

  1. CRM/Conversica Fields to enable the team’s persona and industry personalization
    This also leads to Conversation Rules and how to better utilize so that each conversation/contact has a different style of writing.
  2. Industry-focused 
  3. Persona-focused 
  4. Case studies specific to each contact based on different industries/personas

Best Practice #3: Set Conversation Rules for Scalability

Conversica’s Conversation Rules feature enables you to streamline your automation logic and customize the lead’s experience based on their details. By segmenting your contact list by purchase type or any other custom field, you can ensure that each lead receives a customized conversation that fits their specific use case, automatically.

Conversica Dynamically Routes Contacts Based on variables, attributes and triggers Image

For example:

  • Your company sells home security systems. Your customers can purchase single products, a package or unlimited use of all features. 
  • You want to engage customers who previously purchased packages to see if they’re ready to upgrade to the next level of security package.  
  • However, your system of record lumps all customers into one list regardless of package size, so you don’t have a way to segment customers and ensure the upsell conversation fits their use case.
  • Implement a Conversation Rule!
  • Create a contact list in your system of record as you normally would.
  • Use the Conversation Editor feature to map the list to your conversation in Conversica.
  • Then, using Conversation Rules you can segment the contact list by purchase type (or any other custom field) to ensure the contact receives the custom conversation you created for each upsell type.

Automating lead qualification is essential for businesses that want to streamline their Sales process, increase efficiency and focus their Sales team’s efforts on the most promising leads.

With Conversica’s AI-powered Revenue Digital Assistants, businesses can engage with leads 24/7, provide an interactive experience, assist with the qualification process, personalize messages at scale and streamline their automation logic.

These best practices, combined with Conversica’s features, can help businesses qualify leads more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

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