Today at Conversica, we celebrated another technology milestone and delivered advanced new capabilities to the Conversica AI platform which powers the millions of front-office conversations between people and AI Assistants.These capabilities give business users even more freedom and flexibility to personalize their AI-powered conversations with prospects and customers while still benefiting from the hundreds of proven pre-built conversations that allow Conversica’s AI Assistants to be productive from day one.

Users of this newly released version will benefit from a completely reimagined Conversation Editor, expanded conversation library and added visualizations of conversation flows. These easier-to-use interfaces and additional controls over the Conversica AI platform allows business users to focus more precisely on the purpose of each conversation they wish to deploy while Conversica’s data science and engineering teams make sure the conversations result in faster time to value and greater outcomes.

New Customer Success AI Assistant Tutorial for Conversation Editor
In a tutorial on our Conversation Editor page, Melia Spath, a Senior Customer Success Manager at Conversica, shows how Conversica’s Customer Success AI Assistant helps with account retention, scheduling reviews and up-selling to current customers. Malia also demonstrates how easy it is to set up a fresh campaign using our next-generation Conversation editor. She shows how to map a conversation to the UPSELL/CROSS-SELL Skill within our Customer Success AI Assistant to target any customer that may be right for an upgrade including how to easily navigate to the Conversation tab in the Conversica environment, select the UPSELL/CROSS SELL feature, map a new conversation, add an ID, change the status to active, and view the exchanges with your AI Assistant.

New Sales AI Assistant Tutorial for Conversation Editor
In another tutorial on our Conversation Editor page, Breanna Wilson, a Customer Success Team Lead at Conversica, shows another example of the flexibility of Conversation Editor within the Conversica Sales AI Assistant. Customers across a variety of industries use the Conversica Sales AI Assistant to drive engagement, schedule appointments and create opportunity pipeline. In this tutorial, Breanna shows how to create a new campaign using the SALES / ATTEMPTED CONTACTS conversation. This is part of the ACTIVATE Unresponsive Demand Skill which is a conversation designed to reach out to contacts or leads where a sales rep has attempted to make a connection but has been unsuccessful.

This is a great example of how to drive leads to receive information, work toward scheduling a meeting or branch into other conversations based on a lead response. For example, if they respond and say they are not the right person, the AI Assistant will ask who they should connect with instead and automatically take action to update the CRM system and notify the correct salesperson.

More Flexibility and Personalization with Our Conversational AI Platform
Conversica puts more flexibility in the hands of business users by enabling them to design and deploy intelligent, customer-focused AI conversations in response to dynamic business conditions without involving IT departments. The company automates the routine, tedious but important interactions and tasks, thus, freeing business people to do the higher value work they enjoy and together driving toward better business outcomes.

At Conversica, we are driving toward a future where every business person has an Intelligent Virtual Assistant.

You can read the full press release detailing these new product capabilities here.