New Conversica-Gainsight Integration Empowers Your Customer Success Teams

Aug 16, 2022 | Blog, Customer Success

Conversica-Gainsight Integration
As far as investing in revenue teams goes, Customer Success delivers the biggest bang for your buck. It’s simply more cost-effective to retain—or better yet, grow—your existing customers than to convert newcomers.

It makes sense, right? In order for your business to succeed, you need your customers to succeed. And Customer Success does just that. By properly onboarding new customers, ensuring product adoption, motivating renewals, and promoting relevant expansions and cross-selling opportunities, Customer Success teams help customers and businesses mutually benefit from one another.

But there’s just one problem. With an average of 50 or even hundreds of customers to manage, it’s very hard for Customer Success Managers to give every customer the consistent attention they need to succeed.

High customer-to-CSM ratios force Customer Success teams to be reactive, focusing on customers at risk, squeaky wheels, or big budget accounts. This leaves many customers to their own devices and susceptible to churn.

Fortunately, there’s an alternative. Announcing the Gainsight and Conversica integration, built to help Customer Success Managers strategically and proactively manage customer health.

Let’s explore how this new Gainsight-Conversica integration takes the CSMs out of a reactive mode and assists revenue-driven initiatives.

What Does the Conversica-Gainsight Integration Mean for Your Customer Success Team?

Customers thrive on proactive and consistent engagement. But as the number of accounts grows, it becomes increasingly difficult—if not impossible—to scale the personalized interactions necessary to keep customers happy and accounts healthy. It’s time for businesses to invest in a strategic tech stack that enables Customer Success teams to focus on the most critical customer conversations—without compromising the repetitive, but necessary interactions that build trust and momentum.

With the new Gainsight integration, Conversica AI Assistants proactively initiate and hold two-way conversations based on customer health triggers and contract data. Conversica leverages Gainsight data to route to the most relevant conversation and further personalize each conversation.

Why is this awesome? By automating routine tasks that too often occupy a CSM’s bandwidth, customers get the attention they need, when they need it. AI Assistants autonomously conduct two-way conversations and accelerate handraisers to the CSM’s attention. This frees CSMs to focus on high-value tasks like building relationships and creative problem-solving.

Other benefits include:

  • Address Problems Early and Automatically: Catching a problem early can be the key to retaining a customer. Conversica AI Assistants keep a keen eye on every customer’s health score and use Gainsight data to trigger a dialogue. By working alongside CSMs, our AI Assistants help to schedule reviews, address low usage, collect feedback, and more.
  • Take the Routine out of Renewals: Eliminate the #1 cause of churn with proactive conversational engagement—early and often—with every customer. Equip your Conversica AI Assistant with Gainsight data and insights including renewal date, type of contract, and client status to best initiate contract renewal requests.
  • Harness Advocates to Drive Growth: Turn happy customers into champions for your brand. Conversica AI Assistants leverage the health score, adoption rates, and NPS data to identify successful customers and reach out to see if they are interested in sharing their stories via online reviews or case studies. AI Assistants also target customers with positive health scores to kick off upgrade discussions or to target customers for upcoming betas.

How’s that for proactive and strategic Customer Success? Conversica’s tested and proven library of pre-built skills and authentic conversations helps Customer Success teams make the most of their Gainsight insights—and positive customer experiences to prove value and attribution for post-sale growth.

Ready to Supercharge Your Customer Success Team?

Conversica AI Assistants plus Gainsight dramatically shifts CSM resources from routine tasks to strategy discussions. That’s the power of Conversation Automation: Giving Customer Success teams the help they need to improve adoption rates, boost health scores, track key renewal dates, and take action when necessary.

Rest easy knowing all your customers are constantly engaged and elevated when it matters most, thanks to two-way conversation delivered by your AI Assistant.

Visit our Conversica-Gainsight integration launch page and save a seat in our upcoming webinar to learn more about this new integration!