Dialogue marketing is all about engaging with willing consumers and building lasting relationships with them. It can help you build loyalty, upsell, cross sell, get repeat business and get referrals.

What better way to build a personal connection between consumers and your brand than to reach out to each on a one-on-one basis and nurture them in a really personal way? Lead management software with artificial intelligence is a new dialogue marketing method. A cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) engine initiates and manages thousands of two-way email conversations at once.

From monologue to dialogue marketing

Most marketing efforts are monologues. A company has something to say and says it. The role of the recipient is minimal or is limited to a defined call-to-action, such as a clicking on a link for a quote, or a coupon or a free trial. Typical autoresponder email software sends messages out but doesn’t let any come back. In fact, they specially tell the recipient not to reply – because no one is there to listen.

With the rise of artificial intelligence for marketing (marketing AI), a real conversation can be had with an AI persona managing back-and-forth dialogues with a consumers and leads over email. Most recipients respond well to this method, because it looks like a personal email message written by a friendly company representative – just for them. What’s more, they can respond on their own terms – and in their own words. Marketing AI brings a true dialogue to dialogue marketing.

The marketing AI messages are simple and short, so it’s not too much communication and it isn’t spammy. As a result, about 50 percent of leads added to a Conversica campaign reply to the messages sent by the AI persona.

You can expect to get a lot of valuable information back. Marketing metrics let you know how well each message resonated with its recipients. Data can be collected from the free text responses. And the full dialogue of each email conversation is saved for later reference. An API allows the system to interact with other sales and marketing systems, such as Marketo’s customer engagement platform

Marketing technology with AI puts a new tool in your dialogue marketing toolbox.