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Going Conversation Qualified | Snack-Size AI Ep. 3


Conversation Automation with Powerfully Human AI capabilities
Conversation Automation with Powerfully Human AI capabilities
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Building PipelineConversation Automation
Published 06/27/22
2 minutes read
It’s a big leap from MQL to truly Sales-Ready, or from new customer to advocate. Conversica CMO David Greenberg explains Conversation Qualified, a new funnel concept that better engages leads, prospects, and customers at every stage of the lifecycle.


Here at Conversica, we work with a lot of customers who struggle with their funnel and are looking for breakthroughs. One of the new areas they’ve been adopting is building a funnel around this Conversation Qualified concept, which basically is the idea of using Conversation Automation to drive hand-raisers for your organization.

So rather than having people calling into the hoards of non-Sales-ready leads, you use Conversation Automation to engage with them and uncover those hand-raisers, which thus makes them Conversation Qualified. This really helps the different areas of the revenue teams like Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success, and leads to much more efficient and faster cycles to revenue when you’re able to scale at that level.

So for Marketing teams, obviously you get the benefit of no lead left behind. Everyone is being touched. So those pockets of what might’ve been lower quality, not-quite-Sales-ready leads have an opportunity to raise their hand and to engage and show up in your pipeline.

And then you also have the ability to make your MQL scoring secondary. So using Conversation Qualified as a criterion that follows Marketing Qualified Lead, which is where the actual handoff with Sales organizations takes place.

With Sales teams, you obviously get the idea of following up 100% and only having the higher quality, sales-ready opportunities raise their hands. You also get the benefit of having the people in the Sales team use their time more strategically. They can focus on the more active conversations rather than spending all of their time hitting the myriad of leads which typically have a very low response rate.

Then on the Customer Success side, post-sales, you get the benefit of a great customer experience because you’re outreaching and engaging with them all the time.

You get the benefit of driving upsells and growth inside of your organization. And you also get the benefit of driving product adoption, which is inherently tied to the value your customers are receiving.

This whole movement behind Conversation Qualified is happening across all three of these groups. I think the funnel is ready for a major step change because it’s mostly been operating the same way for the last 20 years.

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