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Going Global With a Dedicated Revenue Digital Assistant


Setting up global Revenue Digital Assistants
Setting up global Revenue Digital Assistants
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Published 03/23/23
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One of the primary goals for us at Conversica is to create a personalized and authentic experience for your contacts. Tailoring the conversation to your audience helps develop trusting relationships with your contacts, improve engagement with your Revenue Digital Assistant™ and ultimately drive more revenue. So if you’re operating in different regions (i.e., APAC, EMEA, etc.), ensuring that your RDA is culturally relevant to a particular region is essential to delivering that authentic and personalized experience.

In our experience, we recommend that you use a dedicated assistant for each region you operate in. Having a dedicated assistant for a region allows you to modify the details to meet the specific attributes someone would expect when interacting in that area.

When we work with customers operating globally, we find that they are able to improve their engagement by forging genuine connections with their audience and building trust through an authentic and familiar experience. In an otherwise loud market, even the small details in how you present your brand to your customers will help you stand out.

Factors to Consider When Expanding

The point of using a dedicated assistant for each region in a global company is to make the details fit the cultural norms of the area—and ultimately ensure your prospects and customers get a truly human-like experience when interacting with your Revenue Digital Assistant. These are a few areas you should focus on when creating a new RDA.

  1. Assistant’s Name: We recently talked about our best practices for naming your RDA and one of our top tips was to choose a name that resonates with regional and industry norms. This is extra important when expanding into a new region. Make sure the name you choose matches the demographics of the region they will be operating in. Generally, leads tend to be more responsive to female personas but this may vary depending on region, and our naming data shows gender-neutral names can also perform well. Try researching common names in the region in question for the age demographic that makes the most sense for your assistant’s title. To avoid confusion, we recommend avoiding names similar to someone at your company.
  2. Assistant’s Title: Add a title to give context to your Revenue Digital Assistant’s role at your company and the region they support.
    Example: Business Development Assistant, EMEA
    The Assistant’s title can be in another language if it makes sense for your company’s operations in that region.
  3. Working Hours: Make sure your assistant’s working hours align with their region.
  4. Email Domain: We want to request a sending domain for each and then set an email address for each assistant accordingly.
    Example: [email protected]
  5. Primary Language: What is the native language of that region? Is business normally conducted in a different language?
  6. Country Security & Privacy Regulations

As an example, we have a customer with multiple Revenue Digital Assistants for Marketing dedicated to the specific region they work.

Creating specific RDAs for global regions helps boost engagement

This particular RDA is located in Germany. Because of this, they named the assistant Maya Zeller and made her primary language German to match the business norms. The working hours were then adjusted to CET, Central European Time, to make sure she is working when her region is the most active.

To make it even easier for you to expand globally, we offer several languages for your assistant to communicate in, even within a single country or region. Explore more about our industry-leading Conversational AI platform to discover all our currently available languages and see how RDAs perceive and dynamically shift to match preferences.

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