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How to Increase Your Conversion Rate in Email Marketing


Deliver higher quality leads to Sales
Deliver higher quality leads to Sales
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Published 10/10/18
4 minutes read

Turning website visitors into customers is not an easy job. Your visitors have a limited amount of time and attention, and your competitors are vying for all of it. Email marketing is a proven method to increase conversion rate, but it needs to be done deliberately to optimize its impact and cut through the noise that your audiences encounter as they seek solutions to address their business problems.

How can you optimize your email marketing strategy to compel your audience to engage with your team at the right time and proceed along the path toward conversion? The following tips will provide a framework that you can use to evaluate your email marketing approach and revisit best practices.


In order to implement an email strategy that will increase conversion rate, you must start with segmentation. If your emails are sent to the right person at the wrong time, the chances of conversion are lower than if the same person receives a message at the right time in their buying process. Before you start sending messages at scale, segment the leads in your database to organize them by categories such as lead source, content downloaded, industry, or size of company. These categories will help you cater your content so that email recipients will be more receptive to your messaging.


Once your audience is segmented appropriately, you can solve for the content piece of the email marketing equation. Content that is relevant and timely is of utmost importance as you take steps to increase your email conversion rate. Take time to create messaging that makes sense for its intended audience. If someone downloaded a specific white paper or viewed a video, reference that action in your messages to them. Ask them a question about their thoughts on the topic and offer next steps along the same line of conversation.

Create templates that use the recipient’s first name and company name—even reference their title where appropriate. This personalized approach shows that you’re genuinely interested in their process and their success as they evaluate solutions.

Also, use subject lines that are likely to be opened without using gimmicks or being disingenuous. Compelling subject lines should not leverage deception; no one wants to feel tricked into opening an email. You can use clever wording and show personality while being tasteful and in line with the preferences of your audience. Most importantly, realize that the subject line is a great opportunity to be direct and stand out from your competition.

Expected and readable

Do your email recipients expect to receive messages from you? Use the double opt-in feature on your email marketing software to avoid landing in spam folders. An unsubscribe link should be prominent because you want to have an engaged email audience. It is better for individuals to self-select out of receiving your messages than to have irrelevant email recipients. Keep your list fresh and active!

From a practical standpoint, ensure that your messages are highly consumable. Formatting should not be an afterthought, but should be central to your approach as you create messages to send to your audience. To increase conversion rate, utilize email templates that are mobile-friendly and aesthetically appealing. Pay attention to the presentation of margins, white space, and embedded images. Make sure the aesthetic is consumable in plain text format, as well.

Behavioral triggers

Use your marketing automation software to automate messages based on audience behavior. Set up triggers in your automation system that move contacts to different communication buckets depending on how they interact with your content.

Your leads will tell you what they want from you if you give them the chance. Discounts, customer reviews, or other offers are great methods to seek customer engagement. Automate their next step and the new segment as they take actions that let you know where they are in the buying cycle.

Sales enablement tools leveraging conversational AI, such as Conversica’s AI Assistant, can help improve lead scoring for leads in marketing automation software such as Marketo, Pardot and Eloqua, and are easily integrated with Salesforce.

Always be testing

If AEs and SDRs should always be closing, your marketing team should always be testing. A/B tests are extremely helpful to increase conversion rates because you will be able to drill down on the approach that is most likely to convert leads. Experiment with testing variables such as subject lines, day of week and time of day sent, and even sender name. If you are trying to make significant changes, conduct a bold test—for example, only send text-based emails. Let the results of these tests guide how you execute these aspects of your email marketing strategy to optimize audience engagement.

Parting thoughts

Email marketing is a key component of building a lead generation machine. By focusing on sending strong content to the right people and leveraging the power of your email and marketing automation systems, you can improve your email marketing efforts. In turn, you will learn more about your audience than the competition, which is what you need in order to increase conversion rates.

Leveraging marketing automation tools such as Conversica, Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua and Salesforce to manage email communications and lead scoring will help ensure that you are engaging the most important leads.

This is a learning process, so be patient and flexible as you find out how to best engage your specific audience. Your customers will appreciate your genuine attempts to meet them where they are in the buying cycle, and your approach should be met with great success.

Learn more about how to engage leads with AI.

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