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Conversica’s Outbound Growth Workforce

Ken Synn

Sales Development Rep

The Outbound Growth Workforce
The Outbound Growth Workforce
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Published 10/03/23
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In today’s hyper-competitive business landscape, the quest for qualified leads and increased revenue through outbound efforts is a top priority for Sales and Marketing teams. However, several bandwidth issues and smaller teams often hinder these teams from reaching their full potential.

Enter Conversica’s Outbound Growth Workforce, an AI-powered solution that not only addresses these pain points but also revolutionizes the way businesses engage leads.

Conversica’s Outbound Growth Workforce motion is a data-driven approach to Sales outreach that uses AI to identify and prioritize the most qualified prospect, identify your target audience and goals then automate personalized outreach to engage them with the right message at the right time. 

As a smaller Sales Development team, we know the value of the AI-powered Outbound Growth Workforce: we’re using this model ourselves.

We’re covering the top challenges for outbound Sales and how our team uses Conversica to turn them into opportunities for outbound revenue growth.

Challenge 1: Generic Engagement and Low Response Rates with Dormant Leads

Solution: Tailored Conversations with Reactivate Dormant Demand skill

Imagine having a treasure trove of potential customers who have shown interest in the past, but over time, they’ve become dormant. These leads are like diamonds in the rough waiting to be uncovered but most teams lack the bandwidth to reignite these valuable connections.

Conversica Revenue Digital Assistants™ don’t just follow up, they do so with personalized human-like conversations. The Reactivate Dormant Skill is the key to this magic. It allows RDAs to reinitiate contact with prospects who initially showed interest but have been unresponsive for more than 90 days, leaving no stone unturned and uncovering unrealized revenue within our own database from reworking dormant leads.

Why? We have a large database of dormant leads that should be worked since they’ve shown interest in the past, but most teams don’t have the bandwidth to follow up and re-engage or cherry-pick leads based on what they think are more qualified leads. Our RDAs follow up with 100% of leads with no cherry-picking, uncovering unrealized revenue within their own database from reworking dormant leads. 

Challenge 2: Inefficient Nurture and Missed Opportunities with Net New Leads

Solution: Timely and Persistent Conversations with Generate Interest Skill to Warm Up New leads

New leads are like fresh sprouts in your garden: they need careful nurturing before they can bloom into customers.

Conversica’s AI-powered virtual assistant plays the role of a diligent gardener, ensuring timely and persistent follow-ups with the Generate New Interest skill. It engages website visitors and net new names early in the cycle, qualifying leads and generating further interest.

This skill helps us identify and prioritize the most qualified prospects based on their individual needs and interests, ensuring personalized outreach with the right message at the right time.

 Why? To identify and prioritize the most qualified prospects based on their individual needs and interest with personalized outreach that delivers the right message at the right time. Our Sales Development team specifically uses the Interest Outreach: Drive Action conversation for our cold lists to answer questions and surface handraisers to be passed on to a rep.

Challenge 3: Enhanced Personalization and Engagement with Former Customers

Solution: Multi-Channel, Timely, Tailored Engagement with Winback Skill

Rekindling relationships with former customers is like rekindling an old friendship; one touch just doesn’t do it. It requires multi-channel engagement, timely follow-ups and tailored conversations.

Conversica’s Winback Former Customers skill is our secret weapon in this endeavor. It enables multi-channel engagement, creating a positive customer experience by engaging leads across various channels with natural, human-like interactions.

This skill ensures timely and persistent follow-ups with leads, nurturing them with relevant information and maintaining consistent engagement, maximizing the chance of winning back customers who once walked away and closed-lost opportunities.

Why? Winback leverages customer data so the RDA can create personalized outreach for each customer based on their needs, interests and history with the organization. We use the Winback conversation specifically to reach out to Closed-Lost Opportunities—prospects who were actively engaged in the Sales cycle but never purchased—once 90 days have passed. We find this cycle helps us catch any opportunities that may have gone looking for other solutions that didn’t end up working out, budget adjustments, or other changes in circumstance that make a sale more possible now than the first time around.

Challenge 4: Lack of Actionable Insights and Uncertain Personalization with ABM Accounts

Solution: Real-Time Insights, Data and Accurate Personalization with ABM Skill

Effective decision-making depends on having the right insights and data at your fingertips. Conversica’s ABM Outreach skill addresses this challenge by using data from your CRM or ABM platform to reach out to contacts with highly personalized messages.

With this skill, you can directly address their business problems, offering relevant solutions with benefits and KPIs that align with their goals. This skill empowers us to engage with top ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) key accounts, those most likely to generate revenue for our business. The information in our database helps us tailor messages to target the specific interests of each of these accounts.

Why? Engaging with top ICP key accounts that are most likely to generate revenue for our business. Information in our database can provide us with tailored messages that target specific interests of each of these accounts.

Conversica’s Outbound Growth Workforce doesn’t just address the low engagement and scaling problems faced by smaller Sales and Marketing teams; it transforms lead engagement while increasing outreach exponentially and driving revenue growth.

By leveraging AI-powered solutions for tailored conversations, seamless integration, real-time insights and accurate lead prioritization, businesses can supercharge their lead acquisition efforts and fuel their growth journey in the digital age.

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