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Why This Tech Company Chose Conversica Over Other Conversational Marketing Solutions


Deliver higher quality leads to Sales
Deliver higher quality leads to Sales
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Published 03/31/22
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When a certain Florida-based digital UX technology company started to explore its options for a Conversational AI solution for Marketing, they had a lot to consider. The SMB technology company offers specialized solutions focused on enterprise virtual assistants, retail banking services, HR, IT helpdesk, and customer support services, so they were well-versed in AI technology. This is how the company weighed the competition and landed on the right Conversational AI platform for their business.

The company wanted to improve lead engagement at the top of the funnel, but their Business Development team could only touch 8-10% of their top-of-funnel leads. The team strongly suspected hidden value within 80% of their remaining lead volume.

In order to improve lead engagement, surface more sales-ready leads, and increase conversion rates, the digital UX company decided to investigate Conversational Marketing solutions including Conversica,, and Drift. Each of these three providers boasts a Conversational Marketing solution powered by artificial intelligence and intelligent automation. But the company wanted to choose a more robust solution that provides a lot of benefits without too much lift for the team.

In the end, this company went with Conversica due to the depth and maturity of Conversica’s offering, breadth of customers, and experience in building conversations that work.

Choosing Conversica Over

The Orlando-based company was previously an customer. But the need to build every conversation weighed heavily on the Marketing and Sales teams who wanted a better way to scale.

Conversica offers pre-built, high-performing conversations—making it easier for the Marketing and Sales teams to focus on high-value tasks rather than building conversations. Only Conversica offered built-in best practices, battled-tested over 10 years of experience and more than 1 billion interactions.

Despite’s competitive price tag, the business went with Conversica because it offers a wider range of use cases, stellar customer services, and a more mature Conversational AI solution.

“We prefer Conversica’s built-in best practices and pre-built conversations over Exceed’s time-consuming process of writing every conversation yourself,” says their VP of Business Development.

Choosing Conversica Over Drift

The digital UX company also considered Drift, but they ran into a similar problem—sequences had to be built by the team. While Drift’s website chat capabilities are impressive, stakeholders in the business felt their email capabilities were lacking. Conversica, on the other hand, offered sophisticated AI-driven emails and plenty of use cases to drive contacts to take the next best action in generating revenue.

“Drift’s email capabilities are extremely limited including the types of conversations it can have. Conversica offers a wider range of use cases and the campaigns are easier to control,” says the VP of Business Development.

Making the Case Internally

The Marketing and Sales teams discussed their options internally. In the end, the depth and maturity of Conversica’s offering, breadth of customers, and experience in building conversations that work won over the business.

“At the end of the day, I knew Conversica was a product that worked,” says their VP of Business Development. “The pre-built conversations and maturity of the Conversica solution make it easier to scale, which is exactly what we need.”

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