Email marketing best practices need a new approach. Engaging leads and nurturing them with email marketing is a low-cost way to reach a lot of people, some of whom may be in the market for your product now or later. But if they don’t open your email or if they delete it immediately after seeing the fancy layout, you’ve missed an opportunity. Unfortunately, the tell-tale look of most email marketing messages are like neon signs to your readers to send your message to the junk folder.

Think about the messages you email to colleagues and friends. They don’t look anything like typical email marketing messages with graphics and multi-column layouts. Instead you likely send simple text email messages to the people with whom you care to communicate. Why not send the same simple and conversational emails to leads and customers? To be successful in your email marketing, you need to stand out from the crowd – but in a good way. HTML and images look nice but actually hinder the deliverability of your email messages.

Another hindrance to best practice in email marketing is the lack of dialogue. In most cases it’s just a one-way statement from you to the lead or customer. Email marketing best practices call for a method of real engagement – a way for the recipient to communicate back to you. Email marketing messages typically include one or more links for the recipient to click, but an actual dialogue is discouraged or impossible. What if instead of clicking, you could ask your recipients a question – and they could answer in their own words?

Conversica not only automates personable text-based emails that look like they come from a real person, but by using an artificial intelligence software sales and marketing, Conversica’s lead engagement software can manage the back-and-forth flow of a natural two-way dialogue with a lead or customer.

By encouraging dialogue in email marketing, you can generate sales-ready leads and valuable email marketing metrics. Metrics such as, how many leads and customers were contacted and how many sent a message back? How many responded that they want to take you up on an offer for a demo, free trial or more information? How many gave you their phone number?

Email marketing best practices call for messages that truly engage readers in a dialogue, a real conversation. Explore our site to learn more about how Conversica is changing marketing automation.