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Conversica Customer Saves Thousands of Hours of Cold Calls and Sees 31x ROI


Make the most of your Sales team's resources
Make the most of your Sales team's resources
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Published 04/26/22
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A US-based sports and outdoor lighting company is highly confident in its products and loves serving its customers across industries. However, the Marketing and Sales teams faced some common challenges including poor lead qualityinaccurate contact information, and too much time spent cold calling. These factors negatively impacted the company’s goal of boosting sales of LED lights, upselling their long-term warranties, and reaching out to current customers to retrofit existing installations.

To overcome these challenges, the company brought on a Conversica AI Assistant. Initially, the team used their Conversational AI solution to follow up with leads garnered at in-person events and tradeshows, which helped Marketing qualify opportunities at scale. This saves time and energy while elevating hot leads to the company’s Sales team.

“We love Conversica. It’s a great way to reach our customers, former and new,” says the Sales and Marketing Manager.

One such deal—fostered by their AI Assistant—was a lucrative, multi-location job from a California-based parks and recreation company.

“That job alone paid for Conversica; for a couple of years over,” says the Sales and Marketing Manager.

All in all, the company has seen a 31x return on investment and 2400+ hours saved. The company has since expanded the use cases for their Conversational AI solution, which helped them weather the economic slowdown and rebound with zeal.

Meeting the Moment and Its Challenges With Conversational AI

The outdoor lighting company caters to a variety of industries (e.g. sports fields and coal mines) and buyers (e.g. engineers, architects, and school boards). While tradeshows offer a great environment to rub shoulders with potential customers, the pandemic shuttered this avenue, putting greater pressure on cold calling. But this proved to be time-consuming and didn’t produce the intended results.

The team initially considered putting their AI Assistant on hold. “During COVID, the last thing people want is another email from a Salesperson,” says the Sales and Marketing Manager. But working with Conversica, the team found a better course of action. Instead, they decided to change the tone of the conversation by checking in with customers to see if they needed assistance and to share top-of-the-mind resources with prospects.

“I am a big believer in top-of-the-mind awareness,” says the Sales and Marketing Manager. The typical sales cycle for the company’s products is 90 days to two years depending on the customer and their needs. These timelines were unsurprisingly distorted by the pandemic, so the team shifted the AI Assistant’s conversations to focus on long-term needs.

This turned out to be the right strategy for the Marketing and Sales teams. “COVID was tough, but we are having a great 2021. The year has taken off like crazy,” says the Sales and Marketing Manager. “We’re busier than we’ve ever been.”

Lessons Learned and Looking Ahead

Adding a Conversica AI Assistant has helped the outdoor lighting company immensely. The before-state required constant contact, cold calling, and boots on the ground. While these tactics still play a factor, it’s much easier to qualify opportunities at scale with Conversational AI.

The company regularly works with Conversica to determine the best use cases and campaigns for their AI Assistant. Similarly, they appreciate Conversica’s guidance when it comes to customizing conversations.

“Our friends at Conversica help keep us on task,” says the Sales and Marketing Manager. “They are really good at recommending changes to the verbiage on conversations. It sounds small, but the results are huge.”

The company continues to expand its business, delighting customers around the world. The Marketing and Sales teams have not left out any region. To help managequalify, and accelerate leads, the team will continue to lean on their AI Assistant.

“Tradeshows are starting back up again too,” says the Sales and Marketing Manager. “We are putting those leads and attendees into a Conversica campaign.”

In the end, Conversica is an integral partner to the outdoor lighting company, helping the business accomplish more without putting strain on its employees.

“Without Conversica, I’d need a lot more employees to do the same work. Conversational AI saves me time. Otherwise, I’d have to reach out to those thousands of leads personally,” says the Sales and Marketing Manager with a chuckle.

Want even more success stories from companies leveraging Conversational AI for their revenue teams? Explore our Customer Case Studies.

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