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Fill Up Your Dance Floor: 3 Tips to Turn Outbound into Inbound


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Published 02/10/24
3 minutes read

We’ve covered our inbound use cases, which are some of the highest-value scenarios for Conversational AI. But what about outbound?

Going after top accounts, reaching out to alumni who’ve moved on to new companies, trying to rekindle things with past customers—all sources ripe with hidden opportunity. But most teams don’t have the capacity to handle all the communication it takes to warm up all those contacts and find the gems. That’s where AI comes in.

We’ve got some game-changing best practices for your outbound conversations to turn those cold lists into hot leads. Let’s dive in and make your outreach not just a shout into the void but a dance where leads come to you.

The Outbound Struggle

Outbound prospecting can be a bit like navigating a crowded dance floor blindfolded. Trying to get the attention of those top accounts feels like entering a dance battle where everyone’s got their own moves. Reaching out to alumni and winning back past customers? Well, that’s like doing the tango on roller skates. It’s a challenge, but fear not—we’ve got tricks up our sleeves.

1. Create Specific and Segmented Lists

Imagine this: sending out messages that feel like they were tailor-made for each lead. No more generic stuff; we’re talking personalized, high-five-worthy communication. Use our Conversation Editor to tweak every message just right. Craft a killer value proposition and make it shine in your Informational Statement variable. Then, let Conversation Rules do the heavy lifting, automatically steering your leads into conversations tailored just for them.

This kind of personalized approach doesn’t just save you time but gives you a higher chance of getting that much-desired engagement. It’s like having a conversation that’s more like a cozy chat over coffee than a cold call.

2. Modify Your Subject Lines

Subject lines are the gatekeepers of your emails. Will they get opened or banished to the email graveyard? Crafting subject lines is an art, and with our Subject Line Editor, you’re the artist. Experiment, analyze, and optimize. The aim? To stand out in those crowded inboxes and grab attention right from the start.

Try different styles, play with tones, and mix up the length. Test them out, see what works, and refine your approach. It’s like finding the perfect opening move in a dance routine that makes everyone want to join in.

3. Nurture Leads Before Passing to AI

Now, AI is fantastic at starting and nurturing conversations, but what if you warm up those leads a bit before handing them over to the AI dance partner? Whether it’s a remarketing encore or a carefully choreographed nurture campaign, that initial touch outside of automated communication can set the stage for something magical.

This smooth transition ensures that when AI steps in, it’s not a cold call but a continuation of a relationship that’s already got some spark. Think of it like introducing two friends who are destined to hit it off—the conversation just flows.


Wrapping up this outbound-to-inbound transformation, imagine a scenario where all those outreach efforts aren’t just shots in the dark but precise moves on a dance floor. Conversica’s AI proactively handles all those outbound conversations. It’s not just automation; it’s an art form. It takes that long list of names and turns them into hot leads eagerly asking to step onto the floor with your Sales team.

Think of it as a magic touch that moves prospects seamlessly through the funnel. It’s about creating a rhythm that transforms prospects into engaged leads, making them the ones eager to continue the conversation. That’s the true essence of turning outbound into inbound – making your outreach feel less like a pursuit and more like an irresistible invitation to dance. Let’s turn those prospects into leads who are not just ready to talk but excited to take center stage with your Sales team. Let the dance begin!

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