As we enter the holiday season, it is always useful and rewarding to reflect back on the past year. Not only is it a time for gratitude, but it is also a time to observe lessons learned along the way. 2018 has been an exhilarating ride at Conversica, and the company is doing well by any objective standard. Serving over 1,000 customers worldwide, we have helped our customers generate over $10 billion in incremental revenue. In addition, Conversica was just named one of Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500, a list of  fast-growing companies releasing emerging technologies, while at the same time securing the largest Series C round ever, at $31 million, for a conversational AI company.

But the story behind our momentum isn’t really about us. It’s about our customers and how they are relying on Conversica’s innovative technology to improve the experience of both their employees and their own customers when they interact with each other – while also improving their bottom line.   

Boosting productivity and employee enjoyment

At Conversica, we are laser-focused on helping our customers free their employees from routine but important tasks so they can focus on creative and authentic conversations and other activities. With the help of Conversica AI Assistants, our customers boost the overall productivity of their employees and the enjoyment they have in their work.

With Conversica, sales teams can now spend more time on more sophisticated and productive conversations, increasing sales opportunities, conversion rates, and overall revenues. A Conversica AI Sales Assistant can reach out to a prospect over email or text, gauge the prospect’s interest over the course of a conversation, which may span weeks or even months, and, when the prospect is finally ready, connect this prospect with a sales employee for a meaningful, relevant and authentic conversation.

Listening to our customers drives our momentum

The reason that Conversica continues to achieve high growth as a company is because we are part of a circle – we’re being “pulled” into the market because of the innovative and powerful AI Assistants that our team has created, but that “creation” is built hand-in-hand with our customers. Our task has been to listen intently to customer needs, understand those needs, and then build the most elegant and effective software solution we can, one that will help our customers manage and grow their businesses and deliver tangible results.

Because of this collaboration we’ve been able to expand our international footprint, with new employees and offices in the UK and Latin America. We have been similarly privileged to make important new additions to the Conversica team in data science, engineering, marketing, customer success, and sales.

The power of conversational AI

The world has changed over the past several years.  Artificial Intelligence can now consistently do things that previously only humans could do.  AI is certainly still in the early innings, but our momentum speaks to the power of using conversational AI to automate routine but important business conversations that lead to real business results. It’s a category that Conversica created and continues to lead. As the company moves forward, we’re investing in our larger vision of people and their AI Assistants working together harmoniously to solve important business problems.  We’re automating important conversations and processes across the enterprise – to create a better end-customer experience, free employees from mundane tasks, improve financial results and ultimately deliver on the full promise of conversational AI.

We’re thankful for the progress that we’ve made in 2018 and, as CEO, I look back on our team’s accomplishments with great pride as we head into the new year. On behalf of the entire Conversica team and myself, best wishes for a happy holiday season.

Alex Terry
CEO, Conversica