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Using Conversica in the Customer Journey

Courtney Dahlgren

Customer Success Enablement Consultant

Best practices for using Conversica in the customer journey
Best practices for using Conversica in the customer journey
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Published 04/17/23
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Conversica Revenue Digital Assistants™ specialize in three primary segments that cover the entire revenue lifecycle: building pipeline with quality leads, converting more of your opportunities to customers and providing existing customers with the 1:1 attention and resources necessary for retention and growth.

We’re going to focus on best practices for that last segment: taking care of customers post-sale to grow your accounts.

The Conversica Customer Journey

Revenue Digital Assistants for Customer Success:

  • Engage with your customers at scale
  • Increase adoption, engagement and retention in your post-sale journey
  • Expand and upsell from your customer base and repeat customers
  • Most importantly, free your human Customer Success teams to focus on high-value tasks that drive positive customer outcomes

Ideal Business Use Cases for your CS RDAs include:

  • High customer-to-CSM ratios
  • Team ability to focus on proactive rather than reactive activities
  • Meeting customers’ expectations of personalized one-to-one outreach

Priority: Ensuring Customer Health and Retention at Scale

Focusing on getting a customer base healthy: they need to be using your product/solution, increasing the depth of their adoption, engaged for regular meetings and account reviews, and overall informed for next steps, features and announcements.

Doing this at scale is a problem we all face and are trying to address. Our RDAs have been successful in helping many of our customers solve this problem.

Getting your customers to use your solution & services early and often see value more quickly. The following Best Practices will all center around these three areas:

  1. Onboarding Experience
    • A poor or uninformed onboarding leads to almost imminent churn.
  2. Driving Usage & Adoption
    • Engage accounts with no/low usage early & schedule reviews.
  3. Renewing Customers
    • Lock in your forecast with presumptive renewals. Routinely schedule renewal calls and share key dates.

Best Practice #1: Segment Your Contacts!

Data hygiene is key. Get the right people into the right conversations. Customers (or for users in the Education industry, your enrolled students) want and expect you to know who they are and what they have. 

They are more likely to stay with you if you have a clear customer journey for them (which we’ll cover later in this post) and they feel connected and engaged with your service. 

Segmenting conversations enables deeper personalization and tailoring.

Have clear segmentation criteria

  • Show you know your customers.
  • Deep segmentation sets you up for success when it comes to timing and personalization.
  • Suppress any contacts that do not need to receive this communication or would be an inappropriate audience.

Create unique conversations for separate audiences

  • Even if the topic is similar, make the conversations unique to the audience.
  • Smaller “longtail” accounts might be driven to a link to self-serve.
  • Big VIP customers could be connected to their dedicated CSM or Account Manager.

Best Practice #2: Automate!

Leverage your data to deploy your RDA at the right time, with the right triggers. Set it and forget it. Once the criteria is met, send the contact to your Conversica RDA to promptly begin a conversation.

Customers, as well as Conversica ourselves, get the best results when you can set automatic workflows. This allows you to gain efficiencies knowing as soon as a trigger/event occurs and criteria are met, the right message will be sent to that contact to drive the outcome you desire.

Trigger conversations from activities or timelines to automate the process further.

Top Use Cases:

  1. Drive: No/Low Usage. Trigger a customer contact into a Low Usage conversation
    • Haven’t activated their account
    • Haven’t used/logged in in X days
    • Gainsight Usage score is “red”
  2. Onboarding. Trigger a customer contact into an Onboarding conversation
    • Day 1
    • Signed contract
    • Status = closed/won
  3. Renewals. Automate RDA outreach for customers that:
    • Are X days out from term end date
    • Are currently in a “paused” status and are X days from being reactivated
    • Are X days from an auto-renewal date

Best Practice #3: Focus on Value-Added Engagement!

Your customers are important to you. And they want to feel connected! Ensure that your outreach adds value to their journey and keeps them informed. 

Map your customer journey: customers are more likely to be retained if they feel you have a prescribed journey for them.

  • Leverage your CS RDA to engage customers for key dates, announcements, or flag concerning activity.
  • Deploy for tasks CSMs need to do, but don’t have the time or persistence to follow up to complete.
  • Repeatable, predictive tasks/milestones are ideal for your RDAs to add value to your team and your customers.

Results from using Conversica Customer Success

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