Drive Better Customer Experiences in the Telecom Industry

With millions of subscribers, constant new product development and offerings, and an increasingly complex customer journey, Telecom Sales and Service Reps are pulled in multiple directions. Seize the opportunity to meet customers in the moment. Conversica AI Assistants for Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success work with your team to ease their communication burden while providing a personalized, omnichannel experience for customers in the Telecom industry.

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Extend Your Reach With AI to Motivate 5G Migration

Scale your capabilities without adding headcount. Motivate migration to 5G, keep up with demand, and elevate expansion opportunities with Conversational AI. Augment your revenue teams by delivering prompt, persistent, and unique messages to your leads and customers across channels with Conversica AI Assistants.


Exceed Expectations, Discover Opportunities, and Win Customers With Conversational AI for Telecommunications

Your prospects and customers demand instant communication, but capacity constraints make that nearly impossible. That means good opportunities go unnoticed and underworked, and existing customers feel neglected. Conversica AI Assistants autonomously and persistently engage leads and customers throughout their lifecycle over email, website chat, and SMS – wherever your customers are, whenever they’re ready.

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Proactively Manage Customers to Increase Value, Reduce Churn

Proactively Manage Customers to Increase Value, Reduce Churn

When your customers churn, they move to your competitors. Personalized customer experiences are non-negotiable. AI Assistants conduct proactive customer outreach at scale, uncovering issues and relaying pertinent information to Account Managers. Deliver excellent care and motivate product usage to retain and grow customers with Conversational AI.

Drive New Revenue With Personalized Content and Prompt Engagements

Your services are in high demand. Can you keep up? Personalized AI outreach begins the moment a lead lands in your database and continues until intent is determined. AI Assistants notify reps when it’s time to intervene. Easily customize conversations while maintaining scalability and autonomously keep contact information up to date with Conversational AI.

Drive New Revenue With Personalized Content and Prompt Engagements

Why the Telecom Industry Needs Intelligent Virtual Assistants

This Telecommunications Solution Brief from Conversica describes how AI Assistants accelerate revenue across the customer lifecycle; from engaging leads in two-way, human-like conversations at scale to retaining and growing customers.

Redefine Your Customer Engagements With Conversational AI Assistants

Prevent Churn and Drive Expansion Opportunities

Don’t let high customer-to-account-managers ratios slow you down. Provide personalized experiences across all your accounts with AI Assistants.

Keep Up With Expectations

Meet customer expectations for quick responses by augmenting your teams with AI Assistants to engage contacts and drive towards the next best action in generating revenue. 


“We had tried other ways to solve the problem of volume, with email nurture and telemarketing, and we’re still doing that, but with our Conversica virtual team members Angie and Ashley, we’re able to have a real conversation with each one, a personal email thread that can really cut through the clutter and get people’s attention.”

- Kate Cindric Federhar, Director of Marketing Operations, Lumen

Find Out What Conversica AI Assistants Can Do For Your Telecommunications Business

Curious to see how Conversational AI can identify hot leads faster, accelerate sales-ready opportunities, and retain/grow your existing customers? Request a demo from Conversica to learn how AI Assistants alleviate capacity challenges, drive higher engagement rates, and ultimately generate more revenue for your business.