We recently polled over 1,000 Americans to determine how they view AI and whether they believe embracing it will ultimately help or hinder them in their careers and in their personal lives.

Here’s what we found:

What Americans have to say about AI:

The majority of Americans have a positive outlook when it comes to the growing presence of artificial intelligence (AI) in their lives. Most Americans believe AI is here to stay and that learning how to integrate it into the workplace will not only help them get ahead in their jobs but may be a necessity to succeed.

In fact, three out of four Americans indicated that those who fail to embrace AI in the workplace will be left behind in their jobs.

What Americans think about people who don’t embrace AI in the workplace:

  • They will miss out on new job opportunities – 40 percent
  • They will be replaced by people with AI skills – 35 percent
  • They will be inefficient and less productive – 32 percent
  • They won’t get quality work done quickly – 28 percent

Nearly half of all Americans think AI will make them smarter or better at their jobs in the next five years by:

  • Giving them fewer repetitive tasks to do – 26 percent
  • Allowing them to learn new tasks faster – 18 percent
  • Helping them make better and faster decisions – 16 percent
  • Giving them more time to do critical thinking and analysis – 15 percent

Not surprisingly, Millennials are most likely to embrace AI to get ahead in their careers, while older Americans are less inclined to embrace it.

What AI applications are Americans excited about:

Americans are also enthusiastic about other applications of AI in their lives, and most interestingly in how it will improve medical care. 40 percent of those polled say AI will help improve patient care and make medical diagnoses more accurate, making this the most important benefit of AI, followed by:

  • AI for driverless cars to prevent accidents – 27 percent
  • AI to enable better education for all – 22 percent
  • AI to free us from tasks and allow more time with family and friends – 21 percent

Less than one in five Americans (19 percent) believes in the “doomsday” scenarios that AI will put people out of work and take over their jobs in the workplace. The largest group of Americans surveyed found such scenarios “unbelievable,” but 30 percent did admit that they don’t know and don’t believe anyone does.

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